For over 50 years RPMGlobal has been Advancing Mining with technology solutions that provide a step-change to the accepted process. We help mining operations extract more value through innovative software solutions and mining experience. ​

Guided by our underlying principles of mining expertise, innovation and sustainability, we strive to create safer, more efficient and more sustainable operations for our customers. Our focus on providing advanced mining technology, together with deep domain expertise across the mining lifecycle enables us to guide customers through the current and emerging challenges being faced by the industry worldwide. 

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Asset Management - AMT utilises a Dynamic Lifecycle Costing (DLCC) engine, which constantly updates using actual events and real-time condition data to generate the most accurate forward-looking life-cycle view of an asset.


Shift & short term scheduling - XECUTE enables planners to build an optimal short-term schedule that’s easy to understand and communicate, providing a coherent link between short term planning and operational execution.

XPAC Solutions

Midterm & strategic scheduling - XPAC Solutions are a 100% script-free suite of commodity-based mine planning software solutions. Each solution is specifically built with pre-defined logic for different commodities and mining methods.

AMT Mobile

Asset Management - AMT Mobile harnesses the power of AMT in a native application, empowering teams with the ability to provide and evaluate updates and make decisions in real-time with inspections, notifications, measurements and checklists.

Sustainable Technology

Learn about the features we are developing within our existing software suite, to help you on the path to a low-carbon future.


Splashback is a unique, SaaS (Software as a Service) based solution for the capture, storage, and management of environmental data.


EmissionsManager is a Software as a Service (SaaS) based solution for collecting, calculating, monitoring and reporting on emissions data.

Enterprise Optimiser

Life of mine schedule optimisation - Enterprise Optimiser has the capability to identify the optimal strategy for complex mining operations, with multiple sites and time periods to consider.


Mine simulation - HAULSIM allows the user to simulate a mining operation and is the only mining simulation software that can quantify the impact of changes as the models reflect the complex and dynamic nature of a mine site in its entirety.


Mine simulation for Original Equipment Manufacturers - SIMULATE enables OEMs to leverage customer data to build a ‘digital twin’ of any mining operation – open pit or underground – to deliver an accurate representation of any mine sites haulage operations.

XERAS Enterprise

Finance, forecasting & budgeting - XERAS Enterprise provides a live forecasting environment, significantly reducing the time it takes to generate budgets and forecasts, delivering companies an accurate financial position.


Scheduling execution - ShiftManager is a mine engineering software solution for short term planning and execution that allows transparency so users can collaborate and communicate through a single integrated web based plan.


MinVu is a data intelligence platform - By rapidly pooling, validating, standardising, and integrating multiple stores of data, MinVu provides long and short term mine planning, mine-wide operational reporting, and analytics solutions.


Inventory management - IMAFS uses proprietary and cutting-edge AI to enhance inventory management. Operations can improve the accuracy of parts availability, reduce inventories, decrease stockouts and reduce equipment downtimes.


Schedule Optimisation Tool - SOT is purpose-built for scenario planning and comparisons, providing mine planners with the ability to analyse multiple strategies and inform the selection of alternative, high-NPV schedules.


Mine scheduling alignment - Attain is a flexible mine schedule optimisation tool that enables users to generate optimised short-term schedules that maximise alignment with the long-term mine schedule


Truck & loader productivity calculation - TALPAC-3D combines more than 40 years of industry experience to harness a game-inspired 3D interface, delivering best practice simulation for miners, contractors and consultants.


Asset Management that complements SAP - AMT4SAP is designed to complement a miner’s existing SAP solution by enhancing asset management decision support with more than 20 logical business connections to your SAP system.

AMT for OEMs

Asset Management for Original Equipment Manufacturers & Dealers - AMT for OEMs facilitates a proactive approach when working with suppliers and customers that supports achieving capital efficiency, lower operating costs, improved contracts management and increased customer satisfaction.

AMT for Contractors

Asset management for contractors - AMT for Contractors is the only in-shift maintenance solution that dynamically links life-cycle costing and strategy to provide an accurate life-cycle position using AMT's Dynamic Life Cycle Costing (DLCC) engine.

OCCS – Open Cut Coal Solution

Midterm & strategic scheduling for Open Cut Coal Mines - OCCS is built on the principle of Parametric Scheduling, making long term schedules practical without spending months building the rules, but there is plenty of detail for budget and short term schedules.

OCPS – Open Cut Phosphate Solution

Midterm & Strategic Scheduling for Open Cut Phosphate Mines - With OCPS, mining rules provide control over the tasks that can be performed in proximity, making it is easier and quicker for users to see the constraints these impose on production.

OPMS – Open Pit Metals Solution

Midterm & strategic scheduling for Open Pit Metals Mines - OPMS automatically determines what is practically possible to achieve across one or many mining operations, giving the ability to respond rapidly to the market and maximise output delivering shareholder value.

OPDS – Open Pit Diamond Solution

Midterm & strategic scheduling for Open Pit Diamonds Mines - OPDS automatically determines what is practically possible to achieve across one or many mining operations, giving the ability to respond rapidly to the market and maximise output delivering shareholder value.

OSS – Oil Sands Solution

Midterm & Strategic Scheduling for Oil Sands Mines - OSS can simultaneously schedule the depletion of the mine and the construction of tailings dykes, with full control over the construction quality and waste being produced.

QS – Quarry Solution

Midterm & Strategic Scheduling for Quarries - Quarry Solutions ensure that the optimum production choices are used for all quarrying scenarios, whatever the challenge may be.

SCS – Steep Coal Solution

Midterm & strategic scheduling for Steep Coal Mines - Specifically tailored for the complex scheduling issues unique to this type of geology. SCS automatically determines what is practically possible to achieve across one or many mining operations.

SDO – Strategic Design Optimiser

Design optimisation for Underground Mines - SDO is the only product available that integrates the complex tasks of stope and development optimisation into a single, coherent process.

SMS – Stratigraphic Metals Solution

Midterm & strategic scheduling for Stratigraphic Metals Mines - Stratigraphic metal mines have a number of challenges, RPMGlobal's SMS is dynamic and flexible which means benches can be horizontal or they can follow the deposits underlying stratigraphy.

UGMS – Underground Metals Solution

Midterm & strategic scheduling for Underground Metals Mines - With Underground Metals Solution, mining rules provide control over the tasks that can be performed in proximity, making it easier and quicker for users to see the constraints these impose on production.

UGCS – Underground Coal Solution

Midterm & strategic scheduling for Underground Coal Mines - Underground Coal Solution (UGCS) allows engineers to focus on deepening their analysis of multiple scenarios to respond rapidly to changing market conditions and maximise output for more value.

UGPS – Underground Potash Solution

Midterm & Strategic Scheduling for Underground Potash Mines - As a state-of-the-art software solution for the potash industry, UGPS models a mine layout in 3D with schedules created interactively using a combination of automatic and manual methods.

PO – Product Optimiser

Product Optimisation - Product Optimiser determines the optimal way to process, blend and stockpile products to maximise value from what is about to be mined to deliver a key planning advantage to users.


Midterm & Strategic Scheduling - XPAC makes it easy to view mine data and produce mine schedules that take into account the unique character and attributes of almost any mining operation, delivering economic efficiency.


RESERVER mine reserve modelling rapidly deploys changes in geological data to mine schedules bringing about a decrease operating costs to deliver improved project value.


Short & midterm scheduling - Created for use across all mining methods and deposits, XACT provides engineers with the tools needed to construct, analyse and update short-term mining schedules in real-time.

HaaS – Haulage as a Service

HaaS enables users to configure haul traces, haul routes, settings and trucks to run travel time calculations in the cloud, giving access to the most widely used haulage calculation engine in the mining industry.

EPF – Enterprise Planning Framework

Connected systems and information leads to amplified decision making. Enterprise integration and collaboration will deliver the operational improvements needed to realise the next wave of productivity improvements.


RPMGlobal's Cloud Solutions have been built from the ground up and have been designed specifically for the mining industry. RPM offers infrastructure, platform and software as a service solutions to help your organisation advance towards digital transformation.

TALPAC – Underground Coal

Truck & loader productivity for Underground Coal Mines - Underground Coal TALPAC calculates the level of production that is achievable from your longwall, improving productivity and operational outcomes.


Dragline simulation - Mining engineers have trusted DRAGSIM for decades to make informed operational decisions, obtaining practical productivity and production cost data with speed and precision.


Finance, forecasting & budgeting - XERAS provides a rigorous yet flexible strategic modelling environment to apply control, consistency and transparency and allows for effective corporate governance.