XACT is a short term mine scheduling solution that gives you the flexibility and control to collaborate across departments and deliver “do-able” plans for this shift and the next; today, tomorrow and beyond. Created to be used across all mining methods and deposits, XACT provides the tools needed to regularly construct, analyse, and update short-term mining schedules. XACT’s finite scheduling approach gives you greater control over your resourcing and provides a more efficient method than standard project planning.


Intuitive, practical scheduling rules

Intuitive, sophisticated mining rules ensure schedules are always feasible and practical

Multi-user capability

Collaborate with a solution that is intuitive and easy to use

Scenario analysis

Run multiple scenarios to understand the financial impact

Increase productivity

Production target and forecasting capabilities

Schedule validation

Utilise real-time insights

Specific capabilities

XACT provides input into other scheduling and financial simulation tools and is designed to align with automated reconciliation and re-forecasting methodologies. Its high resolution, combined with its predictability and reliability, will help you deliver better plans, maintain higher corporate scheduling standards, and deliver maximum value now and into the future.

  • Build a framework for a unified, systemised, corporate short-term scheduling process that can be replicated across operations and throughout an organisation.
  • Achieve detailed grade blending with custom charts and reports that highlight both target and current grades of dumps and stockpiles.
  • Rapidly assess and update short-term schedules with interactive Gantt charts and reporting tools.

XACT in Coal mines

  • Customisable task templates provide quick and easy scheduling of repetitious tasks and processes such as longwall moves and panel advances.
  • Considering delays as either fixed in time or scheduled as part of a sequence allows detailed scheduling of tasks such as building stoppings or extending conveyors.
  • Custom charts help underground operators identify and control under or over-allocation of personnel.

XACT in Metal mines

  • Customised, interactive 3D plots of the mine show any combination of parameters at any point in time. This allows the user to select and drag the most attractive
    blocks to the Gantt chart.
  • Achieve detailed grade blending with custom charts and reports that highlight both target and current grades of dumps and stockpiles.

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