AMT Asset Management Mining Software screenshot how to calculate the projected cost variance on an asset.

In the contracting world, a non-operating machine is a liability. Contractors demand better strategies and tools to overcome their specific project and maintenance challenges. AMT for Contractors is the only in-shift maintenance solution that dynamically links life-cycle costing and maintenance strategy to provide an accurate life-cycle position using the Dynamic Life Cycle Calculator (DLCC).


Dynamic Life Cycle Costing (DLCC) engine

Providing a real-time forecast of equipment current and future maintenance requirements.

Increase accuracy

Identify the correct and optimal time to terminate equipment.

Stay in control

Validate your rental rates.

Accurately forecast

Set competitive rental rates.

Project tracking

Track asset revenue, cost, availability, reliability and utilisation by project in real-time.

Advanced analytics

Power reporting with over 400 inbuilt reports.

Zero based maintenance budgeting

AMT keeps a live zero-based budget of asset maintenance costs, ownership costs and plant rates.

Get connected

Enterprise-enabled with EPF.

An asset that isn’t working isn’t earning.


Maintenance costs are not consistent. Understanding where an asset is in its life cycle is paramount to getting the most out of your equipment.

AMT increases efficiency and visibility across all aspects of asset management by delivering faster decision making, improved processes, and lower costs. AMT generates immediate, up-to-date, accurate data to optimise maintenance scheduling and achieve overall maintenance strategies at the lowest cost.

Project tracking

Assets can be assigned to new, existing projects and future potential projects, all with an associated likelihood and expected utilisation. AMT’s project tracking Gantt charts allow managers to visualise where and how long assets are assigned to projects. Managers can also report, forecast and analyse an asset’s performance on a project; and benchmark its performance against other assets on the same project or other projects.

Plant rate development and validation

Plant rates, which can align to specific cost categories, can be defined per asset per project. Using out-of-the-box reports, plant managers can then analyse actual and future plant recoveries versus costs (maintenance, overheads, ownership) to validate whether the plant rates are recovering costs.

Plant group financial reporting and budgeting

AMT reports and budgets plant financials (revenue and costs) at asset, project and plant group levels. AMT produces a forecast P&L for the Plant Group and analyses actuals. AMT also incorporates probabilities of future projects into forecast revenue and costs into budgets, which underlying utilisation assumptions. Data can be analysed to a zero-based level (e.g. parts, labour, components, depreciation, insurance, overheads, GET, undercarriage, etc.).

Work management

AMT offers streamlined, end to end work management processes increasing efficiency, including:

  • Strategy definition – LCC templates, maintenance plans, standard jobs, task instructions, inspection schedules and condition monitoring regime.
  • Long term planning – Flexible Gantt charts, shutdown planning, resource and fleet performance optimisation.
  • Work scheduling – Flexible scheduling Gantt charts, labour resource smoothing, work plans and job folders.
  • Shiftlog – Lets supervisors assign work, monitor status of work, capture downtime, utilisation, condition monitoring data and job feedback information.

Risk and optimisation

Advanced functionality to:

  • Audit the quality and accuracy of maintenance plans and standard jobs
  • Identify potential future cost overruns
  • Identify risk areas (PCV and RVIC)
  • Identify inaccurate plant rates
  • Identify future cash flow risks
  • Benchmark assets and components
  • Scenarios & ‘what-if’ – Assess different maintenance strategies
  • Identify the optimal point to replace assets

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