The advanced, service-oriented approach to haulage analysis means users are no longer confined to one application on the desktop. HaaS enables users to configure haul traces, haul routes, settings and trucks to run travel time calculations in the cloud. With HaaS, miners have access to the most widely used haulage calculation engine in the mining industry via an accessible API.


Real-time calculations

Travel time calculations are performed as required to assist in fleet planning, calibration or in-shift performance analysis.

Reporting benefits

Benchmark fleet performance. Every haul can be compared to a benchmark value to unlock potential improvement.

Programmatic calibration

Improve mine planning. Users calibrate travel time calculations programmatically making the process faster and more accurate.

Rapid calculations

HaaS is designed for haulage transactions to be completed at rapid speeds. This means calculations are completed quickly and efficiently.

User-driven interface

Users access the API and use it how they choose. HaaS requires no IT infrastructure, helping keep costs low.

Scalable & secure offering

Internet-enabled cloud access provides flexibility, scalability and ensures your data is extremely secure.

Haulage in a cloud environment

With more and more operations choosing to move business-critical operations into the cloud, a service-based approach to haulage calculations is necessary to improve flexibility and productivity for any mine site.

RPMGlobal’s cloud-enabled, service-oriented approach, known as Haulage as a Service (HaaS), allows users to access an API calling on the haulage calculation engine to perform the haulage calculations. Under the new SaaS model, customers are able to write their own applications to interact with HaaS in the cloud. Whether it is configuring haul routes or benchmarking truck cycles, with HaaS the opportunities are endless.

HaaS leverages the travel time calculation engine contained within RPM’s TALPAC product which has been the de-facto standard for simulation within the mining industry for more than 40 years.

What is Haulage as a Service?

Until now access to the RPM travel time calculation has only been available to users of RPM software products. RPM has now moved this functionality to the cloud allowing users to access it programmatically via a web service called HaaS.

What is a Web Service?

It can be quite complicated so to simplify things, a Web Service is a data exchange system (software, application, etc) that uses internet application-to-application communication and interfacing. These processes involve programs, messages, documents or objects. A client summons a web service and the web service responds with the requested information.

HaaS is a Web Service allowing users to interact with the RPM travel time calculation engine across the web. The user can add haul traces, or request haulage data via the HaaS API.

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