MinVu is a data intelligence platform that captures, validates, augments and normalises data, which optimises reporting and analytics. At its core is a collection of operational data stores combined with a data intelligence layer that validates and augments the data in real-time and then streams this into any application, service, advanced AI or data warehouse and/or reporting tool.


Powerful insights

On-demand, real time reporting solution for business and operational analytics.

Performance management

Utilises live production information for continuous improvement.

Informed decision making

Instant KPI tracking for accurate and timely decision making.

Seamlessly integrates FMS data

Utilises data from all major FMS and data acquisition systems.

Reduce risk

Mine production information shared from a single source of truth.

Solving industry challenges

More often than not, there is no single source of data on mine sites. Time-consuming reports are usually collated manually in Excel, which can mean differing definitions and measurements of KPIs. This often creates a problem with the visibility and auditability of that data, leading to a lack of trust in the reports and a lack of confidence when it comes to making the right decision.

MinVu is a Data Intelligence Platform that is an essential add on to any data warehouse in a mining organisation. If you don’t have reliable and trusted data feeding into your data warehouse, you simply can’t provide reliable and trusted insights to your business. MinVu is the enabler for organisations as it delivers rich, accurate data and accessible data that can be relied upon no matter the channel through which it is delivered.

Data collection

MinVu has over 100 connectors to 3rd party systems that are constantly streaming operational data from the field. Systems like Fleet Management, high Precision GPS, Fatigue Management, Processing and Plant and Maintenance systems all capture data and store it in unique formats in their database. The data is captured at such a rate from so many sources that often erroneous data, be it from sensor failure, interference or corruption, is recorded and sometimes data is missed. This erroneous data pollutes the data set making it untrustworthy and unsuitable for decision making. MinVu collects the data, interprets and normalises the different data formats, including historical data where you have upgraded to a newer version or to a different provider.

Data validation and augmentation

Once MinVu has collected and normalised the data, it is validated and augmented.
MinVu automatically looks at every piece of data collected, removes invalid data, and corrects incorrect information. The algorithms look for missing loads, GPS errors, missing time and other invalid data. It filters and validates huge quantities of data and consolidates this into information with context.


Storage, analysis and reporting

MinVu’s built-in intelligence layer delivers data into open data stores that any reporting system can access. This allows for synchronisation and more importantly normalisation of data sets regardless of vendors across the organisation. Now you can use any reporting solution across a robust data set to provide reports and information that the whole business can trust.

A single source of truth across the value chain, ensuring a trustworthy source of information to base decisions upon.

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