Not all cloud is created equal and simply pushing software and infrastructure to a cloud-based server can often create more issues than it solves. At RPMGlobal we have cloud solutions that use Infrastructure, Platform and Software as a Service models as well as native apps built from the ground up and designed specifically for mining.


Advantages of Cloud


Scale for performance and load as required.


Best practice standards with shared development Investment security.


Flexible options such as utility-based pricing and shared infrastructure costs.


Access to new technology and accelerated delivery to market​.


For the whole business - anywhere, anytime, any platform​.


Reliable data that is standards driven​.


Scalability of solutions & resources.


Modern environments are too complex to manage in house.

Moving to the cloud

The mining industry is literally bursting at the seams with data with more sensors, devices, and inputs than ever before. People now demand accessibility anywhere, anytime and on any platform.

Desktop tools were simply not designed for the amount of data we now have or process. They will be unable to ever catch up and will continue to fall further behind. The current mining landscape is struggling to catch up, data has outgrown the desktop environment.

RPM Cloud solutions address these issues with modern technology and infrastructure to help scale and advance computing environments.