Decarbonisation of the mining industry presents a time-sensitive challenge that is the greatest headwind our industry has ever faced. It is the responsibility of everyone and mining will play a critical part in the reduction of carbon emissions globally.

RPM’s ESG technology is designed to help mining companies at all levels of maturity in their decarbonisation journey. Our solutions provide crucial parts of the puzzle to support companies with their Net Zero initiatives through every stage of the march towards net zero.


As the mining industry advances towards Net Zero, operations need to effectively track and report their carbon performance to align with their decarbonisation goals. EmissionsManager provides a complete view of historical, current and targeted emissions, all presented through intuitive reports and interactive dashboards.

EmissionsManager is a Software as a Service (SaaS) based solution for collecting, calculating, monitoring and reporting on emissions data.

The EmissionsManager software allows our customers to quantify their current (baseline) and historical greenhouse gas emissions profiles, energy usage, and impacts across the entire portfolio of assets and processes (scope 1 and 2 emissions). This baseline can be extended across the mining value chain (scope 3 emissions) if needed.

Data is captured against your organisational structure, transforming the data into relevant and actionable information. Information can then be viewed at any level from the consolidated company level, all the way down to the original activity. The solution includes the capability to align with National Greenhouse Energy Reporting (NGER) Scheme out-of-the-box.


As organisations commit to reducing their carbon footprint and operating sustainably, the ability to test scenarios for the haulage fleet becomes critical. HAULSIM is a Discrete Event Simulation (DES) tool that enables the user to build a digital twin of any mining operation to evaluate different haulage scenarios. HAULSIM lets users model, quantify and visualise the differences between diesel, hydrogen, hybrid diesel and electrification of the mining fleet.

Electrifying an operation, with power supplied by renewable sources, offers the opportunity to improve the mines’ environmental performance through the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and the introduction of renewable energy.

As mining organisations commit to emission reduction targets, the ability to model and quantify different scenarios for the haulage profile will become more and more critical to the ongoing viability of the operations. HAULSIM uses discrete event simulation to generate different outcomes based on what combination of diesel, electric or hydrogen-powered vehicles are deployed within the mining operation and allow users to quantify the results of each scenario in a way that assists them to make the best decisions inclusive of sustainability considerations.


RPMGlobal’s XERAS allows companies to forecast and budget their finances and decarbonisation initiatives simultaneously. XERAS Enterprise helps you to better understand and integrate emissions into operating practices and reporting, in order to visualise emissions forecasts to inform decarbonisation pathways and action. XERAS can be used to understand future emission trajectories, helping mining organisations forecast the capital and operational costs and benefits of decarbonisation.

The mining physicals generated in the planning phases integrate seamlessly with XERAS to allow the calculation of emissions intensity and forecasts. In combination with RPMGlobal’s EmissionsManager, you can establish and integrate effective decarbonisation forecasting that will assist with both the monitoring and governance of emissions and in their forecasting to ensure adequate strategies are in place to achieve the organisation’s emission reduction commitments.

RPM MinePlanner

The need to reduce costs and deliver planned scheduling and production outcomes remains core to mining operations globally. Driving down carbon emissions is an additional driver with implications across all planning horizons. RPMGlobal’s MinePlanner can combine all three drivers to deliver enhanced scheduling and operational efficiencies while simultaneously reducing carbon emissions.

Traditionally, mine plans aim to economically optimise mining processes, however it is possible to simultaneously optimise for ecological and/or carbon reduction drivers. Environmental disturbance modelling and reporting functionality is standard within MinePlanner, giving users the capability to restrain a mining schedule based on pre-set limits associated with both water catchment and flora and fauna zones. Users can easily configure the product across many different sensitive habitats and report results independently or in combination. This forward-looking environmental view lets users understand how the mining process will impact a piece of land.

Organisations require forward-looking solutions that help them efficiently manage and demonstrate compliance with increasingly complex environmental rules and regulations that govern the industry. With RPM MinePlanner you can now plan and report how much environmental disturbance has taken place in specified areas, giving foresight and consistency when applying for, and receiving ground disturbance permits.


There are operational efficiencies to be achieved by extending the life of mining equipment – equipment that lasts longer is more sustainable and produces better ecological and emissions outcomes during its operational life. To realise process improvements that lead to emission reductions for an asset, it is important to first evaluate the life cycle of the equipment and utilise strategic maintenance tactics to understand where and when problems with high emissions impact are likely to occur.

RPMGlobal’s AMT software uses Dynamic Life Cycle Costing, live budgeting and forecasting, and equipment modelling to anticipate equipment performance, achieve operational efficiencies and extend the life of mining equipment.

Software solutions to help you achieve a low-carbon future

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Our Advisory and Software teams help with monitoring and evaluating emissions performance, auditing, verifying improvements, and ensuring people, systems and processes are aligned with decarbonisation targets.

Our forthcoming Carbon Literacy for Miners course will give our clients and other players in the mining value chain an understanding of the implications of climate change and sustainability more broadly for their operations. The course includes the latest in mining decarbonisation solutions, and interactive workshops.

If you are not a mining company, but are involved in the wider mining value chain, our Mining for Non-Miners course will help you understand the key processes, approaches and stages of mining.