Attain is a flexible mine schedule optimisation tool enabling users to generate optimised short-term schedules that maximise alignment with the long-term mine schedule.

Attain produces optimised short-term plans that minimise deviation from the long-term strategy when unplanned events occur. Attain allows you to rapidly reschedule in response to unexpected events while minimising deviation from the long-term schedule.


Adherence to plan

Optimisation capabilities ensure deviation from the long-term plan is minimised.

Decision support

Decision support with rapid rescheduling options in response to unplanned events.

Value maximisation

Avoids unforeseen loss of value caused by necessary re-planning.

Identify common issues

Identify the most frequent sources of deviation from your plan.

Seamless integration

Integrated mine planning that maximises planning compliance.

User driven interface

An intuitive user interface that easy to use.

Plan alignment

Achieving alignment between the targeted plan and the executed plan is a difficult process. With Attain, users have a software solution that ensures operational mine planning is systematically aligned with the long-term plan. This approach ensures the operation has optimised short-term plans that are feasible and are calibrated to the longer-term strategy.

Think of it like a ship sailing into a wind, continually being pushed off course. Left unattended, the ship will eventually be completely off course; however, if the captain is continuously altering the path to get back on track, then despite the constant deviations, the ship makes steady progress towards its destination.

Mine scheduling is no different. We need to continually realign the short-term plan with the long-term one, so the two are synchronised. When the short term and longer-term plans are in alignment, the operation can realise the full economic value of the mining operation.

Rapidly respond to unplanned events

When unplanned events occur, tasks can fall behind schedule, impacting the bottom line. Attain generates short term plans based on the actuals to date and the long-term plan. When unforeseen events occur, scheduling alternatives are rapidly generated. The mine planner then selects the preferred short-term plan that has factored in the unforeseen events.


Tactical mine planning decision support

Attain is a tactical tool to complement and improve your strategic mine planning process. It enables the mine planner to adjust the short-term schedule with the reassurance that there are no unnecessary impacts that could detract from the NPV of the long-term plan. It will flag when it is necessary to re-schedule for the long-term plan to bridge the gap between the target plan and the plan that gets executed.

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