Enterprise Optimiser extends RPMGlobal’s leadership in mine scheduling optimisation by leveraging and building upon the algorithms and the smarts of RPM’s software suite. It has been designed to look at a mining organisation in its entirety and inform capital investment decisions while also optimising the strategic long term mining schedules.

When optimising individual mining operations the fact that multiple operations are often connected through complex supply chains can be overlooked. Optimising connected mining operations is essential to ensure shared infrastructure and competing contractual requirements are taken into consideration. In short, the best option for one operation does not necessarily provide the best outcome for the organisation as a whole.


Multiple mine capabilities

The solution optimises the activities of an entire mining organisation, integrating information for higher level decision-making.


EO integrates with RPMGlobal’s EPF, and has the ability to connect to our suite of software solutions.

Pit to Port

Enterprise optimiser has the capability to blend products at every point of the logistics chain, maximising visibility of your organisation.

Life of mine

EO optimises your schedules and processes over the life of mine, whilst considering company structure to maximise NPV.

Applicable industry-wide

Enterprise Optimiser is designed to be utilised across any commodity and mining method.

Eliminate complex scripting

EO provides simplicity when configuring reserve models from a variety of sources to model key factors.

Enterprise Optimiser is unique in the way it combines many different factors into a single model, then looks at the problems of multiple mine sites in their entirety.

Built for complex organisations

RPM’s Enterprise Optimiser is capable of handling very large, multi-operation models and has the capability to blend products not only at site but also at other points of the logistics chain, including the port. Alternative scenarios can be configured very quickly, making it possible to study more options to maximise the organisation’s NPV and production capacity to meet future customer demand.

Optimise organisational objectives

Key objectives of the organisation are optimised across individual mine sites, while considering both the mining and processing operations simultaneously. Enterprise Optimiser does this by understanding not only how the individual mine plans are related but also where the organisation gets the greatest return for shareholders from their invested capital. It will optimise processing of the various ore feeds, taking account of the downstream factors and marketing requirements of the entire organsiation.

Multiple option analysis

Users can evaluate multiple strategic options across an organisation including potential capital investments. What makes EO so powerful is the way we combine all of the different factors into a single model that looks at the entire problem across multiple mine sites. It can assess the final products being exported from one or more ports while considering all of the logistics between the mine and the port.

EO doesn’t look to just optimise across a single period or the short-term horizon, but rather to optimise across the entire life of the mine in one go. It does this for each operation simultaneously, including the mining schedule and processing plant. Throughout the process it considers the operational structure of the company so it can maximise the NPV across the whole organisation.

Any commodity

Enterprise Optimiser is designed so that it can be used across any commodity, mining method and any number of sites. It is also a standalone product and can be used to optimise schedules and reserves from most mining packages. For operations or organisations using RPM MinePlanner, there is direct integration including integration with RPM’s Enterprise Planning Framework (EPF). These users will have access to features such as the model repository to easily share and edit models. EPF also has the industry’s largest independent equipment library, corporate governance, and enterprise security amongst its numerous advantages.


With an entirely process-driven approach, complex scripting is eliminated, providing ease of use and visualisation of the optimised schedule. This approach makes it very simple to configure or import reserve models from a variety of sources and then model key factors such as mining rates, costs, and revenues. The user can define complex sequencing rules and constraints while defining objectives and product specifications. EO then allows users to analyse and visualise scheduling outcomes which will determine the optimum NPV.

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