XPAC 7 (Open Cut Coal)

This course teaches participants how to take a disciplined approach to mine scheduling using RPMGlobal’s XPAC 7 Underground Coal software. The course teaches students the core functionality of the product through pre-configured workshops that are designed around real-life scenarios.

Course Content


Core functionality including databases, importing data, basic scripting, graphic setup, schedule configuration, and reporting.

AutoScheduler (AS)

Dependencies, constraints, objectives, and triggers for material extraction.

Advanced Destination Scheduler (ADS)

Dependencies, constraints, objectives, and triggers for material dumping.

Training Workshops

  • Creating a New Database
  • Building the Database Structure
  • Establishing the Datafields
  • Importing Data into XPAC
  • Creating and Using Database Ranges
  • Printing and Displaying Data
  • Viewing a Simple XCM
  • Other Repositories in XPAC
  • Spatial Data
  • Other Tools
  • Establishing a Schedule Calendar
  • Target Scheduling
  • Target Schedule Reporting
  • Detailed Schedule Setup
  • Schedule Resources
  • Creating Input Paths
  • Running a Schedule
  • Schedule Report
  • Analysis Reporting
  • Importing 3D Solids

  • Advanced Equipment Scheduling
  • Absolute Address Dependencies
  • Auditing Dependencies
  • Relative Address Dependencies
  • Script Dependencies
  • Capacity Constraints
  • Period Constraints
  • Scheduling
  • Assign Objectives to Resources
  • User Processing Scripts or Triggers
  • Run Schedule and View Results

  • Building Destinations in XPAC’s Main Database
  • Dumps & Dependencies
  • Destinations & Constraints
  • Schedule Configuration with Dependencies
  • Running Destination Schedules

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to navigate around the software.
  • Know how to access product help documentation.
  • Understand how to set up XPAC databases.
  • Learn how to import and manipulate data with scripts (XCMs).
  • Understand how to create polygon graphics.
  • Know how to create input path schedules.
  • Learn how to configure an AutoScheduler model and run a schedule (AS/ADS).
  • Know how to configure stockpiles (AS/ADS).
  • Understand how to create schedule dependencies, constraints & objectives (AS/ADS).
  • Learn how to import dumps and schedule destinations (ADS).
  • Know how to visualise and report schedule outputs.

Who is the Course For?

  • Mine Scheduling / Planning Engineers
  • Mine Planning Managers / Superintendents
  • Senior Operations Personnel
  • System Administrators

Want to learn more?

Contact [email protected] 

Delivery Mode



Standard – 3 Days
AutoScheduler – 1 Day
Advanced Destination Scheduler – 1 Day

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