XERAS 8 (Life of Mine)

This course teaches participants how to take a disciplined approach to financial modelling using RPMGlobal’s XERAS solution. The course teaches students the core functionality of the product through preconfigured workshops that are designed around real-life scenarios.

Course Content

Application & Training Model Setup

Application Help & Navigation

Updating the Calendar

Working with Templates & Sheets

Working with Formula / Special Variables / Functions

Pool Structure (Hierarchical Structures)

Aggregate Sheet & Category Structure

Activity Structure

General Costs


Scenario Manager

Report Writer


Exporting to Excel

XERAS Graphs & Data Outputs

XERAS Navigator Workflow

XERAS Model Layouts

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the core functionality of XERAS.
  • Update data within a model.
  • Understand the flow of calculations.
  • Run reports and auditing tools.
  • Evaluate scenarios.
  • Create additional sheets.
  • Customise templates.

Who is the Course For?

  • Financial Accountants.
  • Mine Planners
  • Maintenance Planners.
  • Business Analysts
  • Mining Managers / Superintendents

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Two days

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