HAULSIM (Surface)

This course teaches participants how to simulate productivity and cost of equipment using RPMGlobal’s HAULSIM solution. The course teaches students the core functionality of the product through preconfigured workshops that are designed around real-life scenarios.

Course content

Introductory workshops

  • Application & Training Model Setup
  • Help & Application Navigation
  • Features
  • Material
  • Road Network
  • Sources
  • Destinations
  • Ancillary Locations
  • Equipment
  • Tasks
  • Run Simulation & View Dashboards
  • Reports

Advanced workshops

  • Create New Materials
  • Add New Tasks to Task Group
  • Ancillary Equipment
  • Road Rules
  • Configure Stockpile & Loader
  • Edit Road Network
  • Add New Locations
  • Match Loaders to Trucks
  • Conveyors & Feeders
  • Stoppages
  • Equipment Costing
  • Experimenter
  • Fleet Planner

Learning outcomes

  • Learn how to navigate around the software.
  • Know how to access product help documentation.
  • Create and/or update a mine simulation.
  • Learn how to import data into the simulation.
  • Understand the equipment database.
  • Learn how to use dashboards and reports.
  • Analyse impacts of changes to the simulation.

Who is the course for?

  • Mine Scheduling / Planning Engineers
  • Mine Manager / Superintendents
  • Senior Operations Personnel
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Business Improvement Specialists

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