ShiftManager 3.4 – Online

This course teaches participants how to plan, schedule and report on tasks using ShiftManager – RPM’s solution for short-term work management and shift execution. Participants will learn about the key functionality of ShiftManager through interactive media and practical hands-on workshops.

The ShiftManager 3.4 online course provides flexible and convenient training on the core features of RPMGlobal’s ShiftManager solution.

Participants will learn how to plan, schedule, and report on tasks using ShiftManager. The course can be accessed from a computer, tablet, or mobile device in a learning environment that is fun, interactive and engaging.

Course Content

Keep your weekly plan up-to-date by creating and scheduling tasks. Learn about the functionality of the Planning Board and become familiar with using the context menu and duplicating tasks automatically to easily build shift plans.

Tasks are critical to the planning process. Learn about the difference between Standard, Planned and Scheduled tasks and how to create and read a Notification and Maintenance Alert.

View your plan in different ways. Learn bout features of the Scheduler screen and become familiar with managing and rescheduling tasks with a view of resource availability.

Review the plan for the entire site. Learn how to assign available people and/or resources and become familiar with managing shift notes.

How have different processes performed throughout the shift? Learn how to update KPI and Task actuals and enter Shift Notes, and become familiar with creating a Shift Report.

The shift plan in the palm of your hand. Learn how to capture Task actuals, enter Shift Notes, and update KPI’s.

Learning outcomes

  • Navigate around Shift Manager and use workspaces.
  • Create, edit and delete standard, planned and scheduled tasks.
  • Move tasks between shifts, days of the week, and locations.
  • Assign available people and resources to tasks.
  • Print Shift Plans.
  • Enter KPl and task actuals to close out shifts.
  • Reschedule any work not completed.
  • Create shift reports.

Who is the course for?

  • Mine Managers, Undermanagers and Superintendents
  • Short Term Planners, Coordinators and Schedulers
  • Mine Supervisors and Mine Deputies
  • Mine Administration Personnel (for example, HR)

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Approx. 2.5 hours of learning with access to the course for a 12 month period.

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