Mining Project services

RPMGlobal’s Advisory team has proudly delivered premier Consulting and Advisory services to the mining industry for more than 50 years.

Through frameworks, technology and deep domain knowledge we bring solutions to miners to systemise operational improvement and continue to improve cost structures, increase productivity and create value across the whole mining value chain.

Areas of expertise

  • Geology and exploration
  • Mining studies
  • Energy transition and decarbonisation
  • Operational scenario analysis
  • Technical site support and business process improvement
  • Environmental approvals and permitting 


Systematised Mine Planning Process

RPM uses a standard systematic “Mine Planning System” for all mining studies; whether conceptual, preliminary, detailed feasibility studies or operational plans. The process is illustrated on the RPM Planning System diagram on the left.

The approach of using the Mine Planning System is not only that it is a proven system for conducting studies, it is also an excellent checklist to ensure all elements of project development have been adequately addressed. The system works whether the study is conceptual or detailed, a new project or an operating mine, underground or open cut. The only differences is the amount of time spent and the level of detail produced for each “spoke” or task of the Planning Wheel and the technical differences between underground and open cut. Note that the process is iterative and sometimes involves numerous circuits around the wheel to arrive at a completed study.



RPMGlobal’s Mining Project Services deliver mining studies of all levels to brownfield and greenfield projects. Through these studies, our expert advisory teams can assist your operation to improve capital and operating cost structures, identify productivity opportunities early in project designidentify methods to lower energy and options to reduce disturbance. Improving your processes create value as the project matures through its project development cycle 

Electrification and New Technologies

RPMGlobal has the ability and experience to harness leading technology to produce a positive outcome for our clients. Our team performs a robust analysis of current operations and processes to evaluate the opportunities for new technology implementation, providing confidence for your next step. With a focus on safety, reliability, and efficiency, our team has a proven track record of delivering high-quality electrification projects for global miners. From electrified haulage to power generation and distribution, RPM has the expertise and experience to deliver successful projects that exceed expectations. 

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