Metals capabilities

RPMGlobal’s experience and capabilities in metals operations are unsurpassed in the global mining industry.

With over 50 years of experience and one global team of experts, no one is better placed to provide you with the support you need. Whether it be Base metals, Laterictic ore, Iron ore, Battery Minerals, Precious metals or Uranium, RPM has experts that can support your organisation to advance to the next stage.

RPMGlobal has completed over 1,000 base metals projects globally, spanning more than 50 countries.

We have worked in the major metallogenic regions around the world including:

  • Proterozoic/Archaean Base Metal Provinces (Broken Hill, Mt Isa, McArthur River) – Australia
  • Gawler IOCG Provence – Australia
  • North America Porphyry Terrain – USA and Canada
  • Andean Porphyry Terrain – Chile, Peru and Argentina
  • Mississippi Valley Pb-Zn
  • North American Clastic Dominated Pb-Zn Deposits
  • Indonesia – New Guinea – Philippines Porphyry Terrain
  • East Eurasia Scarn and Vein Deposits – China and Russia
  • Central Asia Porphyry Belt – Mongolia and Kazakhstan
  • West Australia Achaean Craton Nickel – Australia

RPMGlobal has completed over 100 battery mineral projects.

Considered to be the industry expert on battery minerals we have worked on projects spanning the globe including:

  • Hardrock Lithium (spodumeme) – Western Australia
  • Sulphide Cobalt & Nickel – Western Australia
  • Oxide Cobalt – Copper Belt – DRC
  • Laterite Nickel & Cobalt – Australia, Indonesia, New Caledonia, Philippines
  • Brine Lithium – Chile & Argentina
  • Graphite (metamorphic) – Australia, Mozambique and South Korea
  • Lithium (spodumeme) – Ontario, California

Through frameworks, technology and deep domain knowledge we bring solutions to miners to systemise operational improvement and continue to improve cost structures, increase productivity and create value across the whole mining value chain.

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