ESG services

RPMGlobal’s integrated Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) services include environmental impact assessments, operational environmental management, and strategic environmental governance support.

In addition, we have a portfolio of specialist services providing assistance in biodiversity, hydrogeology, hydrology, geochemistry, and heritage, as well as performing gap analysis to IFC-PS and EP4.


Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), and Reporting

ESG has been rapidly evolving in recent times. It differs from environmental management or sustainability practices in that traditionally it has been the mechanism by which governance within corporate entities and assets is exercised and by which modern investors can assess suitability.

Establishing and maintaining your unique framework for ESG is where RPMGlobal can assist. We understand that maintaining your corporate reputation and capturing your organisation’s efforts in matters of environment and community is of high importance.

Our Global Project Experience

  1. Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan Equinox Gold
    Due Diligence Review incl. E&S. Greenstone Project (Canada)
  2. Riversdale Resources Cutfield Freeman & Co
    ITE Review incl. E&S. Grassy Mountain Project (Canada)
  3. Jervois – Cobalt
    Lenders ESG Due Diligence incl. IFC-PS and EP3. Idaho Cobalt Operations (USA)
  4. Societe Generale – North America
    Lenders Review incl. IFC-PS and EP3. Aranzazu Copper, Gold and Silver Mine (Mexico)
  5. First Quantum Minerals Ltd.
    IESC Lenders Review, Cobre Panama Cu Mine (Panama)
  6. MMG – Copper
    ITE & IESC Review, Las Bambas Copper Mine (Peru)
  1. Shandong – Gold
    E&S Due Diligence, Veladero Gold Mine (Argentina)
  2. TSX Listed Company
    ITE/IESC Review & Report, Multiple Gold Mines (Brazil)
  3. Sandfire Resources – Copper
    Environmental & Social Lenders Review incl. EP, IFC Performance Standards and Preparation of ESAP, Motheo T3/A4 Copper Project (West Botswana)
  4. Village Main Reef – Gold
    Competent Persons Report for the HKEx, 3 Underground Gold Mines (South Africa)
  5. Tietto Minerals
    IESC audit against IFC-PS & EP Preparation of an ESAP, Abujar Gold Project (Cote d’lvoire)
  6. ORIMCO and West African Resources – Gold
    Environmental & Social Due Diligence (ESDD), Sanbrado Mine & Kiaka Gold Project (Burkina Faso)
  1. Sandfire Matsa Polymetalic Mine
    Independent Environmental & Social Review incl. ESAP, EP3 & IFC-PS, Polymetallic Project (Spain)
  2. EXIM Bank – Lead and Zinc Project
    Lenders Due Diligence incl. IFC-PS & EP4, Cirtonen Lead & Zinc Mine (Greenland)
  3. Talga – Graphite
    ITE/IESC Review, Vittangi Graphite Anode Project (Sweden)
  4. Acacia Gökirmak Cu Mine, BHP, ING, Societe Generale
    IESC Lenders Review – EP 3-4 & IFC-PS Frameworks, Gökirmak Copper Mine (Turkey)
  5. European Banks
    Technical, Social & Environmental Review, Yenipazar Polymetallic Project (Turkey)
  6. CGN
    Environmental, Social and Safety Audit for filing on the HKEX, Zhalpak & Mynkuduk In Situ Leaching Uranium Mine (Kazakhstan)
  1. Evolution Mining
    Rehabilitation, Mount Rawdon Gold Mine (Queensland)
  2. Bowen Coking Coal
    Ecology, Approvals & Mine Closure, Broadmeadow East (Queensland)
  3. KPMG & HPA – Alumina
    Lenders Due Diligence incl. Technical, Environmental & Social, HPA First – High Purity Alumina Project (Queensland)
  4. Iluka Resources and ICA
    ITE & IESC incl. EP4, Export Finance Aust Funding Iluka Phase 3, Rare Earths Refinery (Western Australia)
  5. Tier 1 Iron Ore Producer
     Port and rail environmental approval, (Pilbara, Western Australia)
  6. Confidential Client – Lithium
    ESG Audit in support of R & R Market Disclosure Multiple Assets (Pilbara / Goldfields, Western Australia)

Key areas of consideration for ESG framework development


Stakeholders & community

ESG drivers


Net Zero

The mining industry is shifting its focus to a low carbon future, and RPMGlobal is uniquely placed to provide both technological and advisory support. From learning about your baselines to setting targets and putting decarbonisation processes in place, we are here to assist you in advancing your operations towards a low carbon future.

Learn more about our Net Zero capabilities  

ESG services

Strategic planning for your asset development plans.

We will advise you precisely how much it will cost and how long you can expect your approvals to take. Our team is experienced and willing to assist you to develop a detailed understanding of what environmental, social and policy risks are relevant for your project. We then work closely with you to develop a strategic plan for your asset or assets. This can include a detailed budget, project schedule and preliminary risk assessment. All of which is focused upon delivering you the utmost value and leverage of our industry insights.

Owner’s team representation

RPMGlobal is your strategic partner when seeking project approvals.

RPMGlobal understands in-house organisational demands and constraints. We respectfully will protect your interests in terms of your assets and corporate reputation. We treat these matters with the highest confidentiality and will provide decision-making support for your organisation in terms of approvals processes being conducted for your assets. Based upon decades of experience, we can provide advice and insights on how to overcome technical and legislative challenges.

Environmental impact assessment

Technically accurate, publicly accepted, and quality focussed.

Global experience

We have global environmental impact assessment and management experience, and we can assist you with your environmental planning and approvals needs worldwide.

We can assist you with your environmental approval requirements including, but not limited to:

  • Initial Advice Statements (IAS) and Notice of Intent (NoI);
  • Terms of Reference establishment; and
  • Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), public environmental reports, and other environmental impact assessment processes.
Technical capabilities

Aside from our in-house technical specialists, we offer you access to our multidisciplinary technical network. We work with you to pair the most appropriately experienced technical provider for your project needs. We are also able to work with your existing technical specialists. Our technical network extends across all scientific specialities relevant to environmental impact assessment and a variety of other disciplines.

We provide our services in this manner as it allows the technical specialists to remain truly independent, which is important when delivering impact assessment reports. It also allows you to utilise technical specialists of your preference should you wish to do so. Thus, providing further cost efficiencies.

Integrated project management

We can integrate with your project team. We provide integrated project management services and can establish and maintain your project scheduling and cash flow forecasting throughout the approvals process. We have an established project execution process that has been developed over a decade of multidisciplinary project management experience.

Qualified professionals

We are a team of practical and experienced professionals with the common goal of taking a holistic view of your project’s approval process while considering commercial and operational requirements to maximize your project’s positive outcomes within its specific approvals context.

Our experience in environmental impact assessment and operational environmental management enables us to effectively identify innovative solutions to deliver your project and allow you to achieve your organisational goals in this area.

Quality focused

RPMGlobal has a project delivery system that prescribes how our projects are managed and delivered to ensure that consistent quality is provided across our projects for their duration. Our system is designed so it can be can be smoothly adapted and integrated with our client’s systems.

Ensuring you have an operationally functional licence from day one.


A critical component of your pathway to development that is often overlooked. This is the time that our operational expertise comes to the forefront, we can provide advice and support on how to effectively negotiate a licence with which you can maintain compliance. We are also comfortable being your lead negotiators for your regulatory meetings in this space. We negotiate on a solid foundation of scientific evidence and through respectful engagement with all regulatory and other relevant stakeholders.


This is the foundation for ensuring ongoing operational compliance, one which requires significant operational experience to effectively deliver. RPMGlobal team has this experience to guide you through the planning process to ensure that your project’s licensing is successfully implemented ready for construction and operations to commence.

We are able to execute this strategy across any industry and are particularly experienced in the mining and minerals space with regards to these activities. We have a well-developed process that includes establishing your environmental management system.

RPMGlobal offers a diverse range of services within the mining industry, from exploration through to closure. Social Assessment and Human Rights is an essential element that needs careful consideration with any project.

Throughout the mining lifecycle, we are always mindful of the sensitivities surrounding people, social aspects and the basic human rights that are expected throughout the modern mining organisation and industry.

Environmental Management Systems (EMSs) are vital for ensuring ongoing compliance and are about so much more than simply paperwork. Globally there is an increasing regulatory and public focus upon operational compliance with environmental licensing and legislation. The consequences for non-compliance can range from pre-enforcement activities to lengthy prosecution cases. To effectively manage compliance and fulfil environmental duty of care requirements for organisations there needs to be a centralised and standardised process for environmental management.

To effectively manage compliance the legal obligations, risks, and operational practices specific to your site must be considered from the outset of your EMS design.

Our team is well placed to share our knowledge and support your operation’s requirements for EMS design and implementation.

Our unique offering allows for our clients to contract our team as their environmental department. In place of a single full-time environmental representative, you can have site support right through to corporate support. Thus, giving you access to the knowledge and experience where and when you need it.

RPMGlobal has a team of qualified and experienced environmental auditors. We work closely with organisations to facilitate improvements to environmental compliance and to meet statutory audit requirements. Our audit process focuses upon your operational activity and the documentation that supports these on the ground activities.

We can provide audits as an external or internal function, all with the focus of supporting you and your operations continuous improvement to environmental management practices.

We have secured a strong reputation for providing practical and pragmatic advice to mining clients to assist them to meet the requirements of IFC-PS and EP4 as part of their financing.

RPMGlobal’s team of mining experienced environmental professionals understand operations and their environmental management as well as the necessary environmental permitting processes. Our due diligence services range from high-level assessments right through to detailed project assessment and planning reviews.

  • Flora and Fauna Field Surveys (baseline assessments, significant impact assessments)
  • Protected Plant Surveys
  • Baseline Bio-Condition Assessments and ongoing monitoring
  • Desktop Assessments
  • Terrestrial Flora and Fauna Ecological Assessments
  • Protected Plant Clearing Permits
  • State and Commonwealth Offset Delivery
  • Significant Impact Assessments
  • Environmental advice

RPMGlobal is capable of delivering a wide range of ecological services. We understand that every project is unique and likely to have different environmental challenges which our experienced environmental team is well equipped to handle. Our team has considerable experience and is capable of undertaking the necessary fieldwork and reporting components required to deliver various environmental outcomes.

RPMGlobal’s environmental team has substantial experience delivering preliminary desktop assessments, environmental advice statements, baseline terrestrial flora and fauna assessments as well as significant impact assessments. Our team also has extensive experience with undertaking applications for Protected Plant Clearing Permits and obtaining both State and Commonwealth approvals for environmental offsets. With a detailed working knowledge of relevant environmental legislation, our team will be able to assist you with numerous ecological and environmental services.


Your ESG Executive

Your ESG Executive provides the expertise of a seasoned professional to strategize, review, and make suggestions for ESG compliance and best-practice, supporting junior mining companies who lack the in-house resources to respond to the industry’s current expectations.


How RPMGlobal can assist in ESG framework development projects

We provide assistance in a number of ways to our clients, such as:

Development of tailored ESG frameworks
We work closely with our clients to:

  • Understand their current governance practices and systems for managing environment and stakeholders
  • Select the most suitable recognised framework to work towards
  • Deliver and maintain a strategy, which is often developed as a phased approach; and
  • Provide representation support where and when required.

Financial institution representation
We complete independent ESG investigations against global frameworks as part of Lender’s Engineering Teams, and work closely with mining companies across the various mining development stages to ensure your project is investor ready.

Ongoing governance support
We have experienced senior environmental professionals who specialise in the mining sector. Our people work with site leadership and executive teams when and as required to provide guidance and support for all matters related to ESG.

Rehabilitation and closure planning
Through this best-in-class offering, RPMGlobal brings together its ESG, mining advisory and technology capabilities to support mining clients in developing their ongoing closure plans and estimates.

Our services are delivered by our experienced in-house team who offer a unique blend of skills and insights to any project. Our team of professionals possess diverse backgrounds in environmental science, geology, biodiversity, and Geographic Information System (GIS) technology.

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ESG services

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