Energy Transition

As the worlds Energy Transition continues to accelerate, mining operations and financiers must adapt to the rising demand for minerals and metals from both existing and emerging technologies, as well as the pressure from society to create a sustainable future with more efficient operations.

With countries around the world striving to achieve their sustainability and decarbonisation targets, demand for the sustainable production of batteries and critical minerals in unheralded quantities, through both existing and new technology, is skyrocketing.

In 2022, the global energy transition investment surpassed $1 trillion, with this growth primarily from the increase in electrified transport and renewable energy. Metal and mineral demand for the production of new technologies to meet the regulations and targets is continuing to grow, as seen in the new World Bank Group report, “Minerals for Climate Action: The Mineral Intensity of the Clean Energy Transition”, which finds that the production of minerals, such as graphite, lithium and cobalt, could increase by nearly 500% by 2050 


Our Expertise

Through the integration of our deep technical and ESG domain expertiseRPM’s Consulting & Advisory team has taken the leading position in supporting a diverse range of financiers that are investing in the energy transition. We are active across all regions and project types, including both up and downstream extraction, refining and recycling of battery and critical minerals through to anode and cathode material (CAM).  

We work with global mining companies to assess the impact of the energy transition to their business, as well as identify opportunities for miners to capitalise on the increased demand for minerals and metals. Our dedicated team has decades of experience advising the industry on challenges throughout the mining lifecycle, including feasibility, operations, finance and ESG services. 

Our growing technical team remains at the forefront of the new and emerging technologies utilised in these projects, complemented by our ESG team, assisting you with compliance to the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA), which is fast becoming the industry standard for financiers, manufacturers, miners and OEMs involved in the battery and critical mineral space.  

Our Global Project Experience

  1. Critical Elements Lithium Corp. – Lithium
    Rose Lithium Tantalum Open Cut and LiC plant – ITE and IESC review for lenders (Quebec)
  2. Nouveaux Monde – Graphite
    Matawinie Mine and Bécancour Battery Materials Plant – ITE and IESC review (Quebec)
  3. Confidential Client – Lithium
    ITE Review Whabouchi Project (Canada)
  4. Jervois – Cobalt
    ITE Review Idaho Cobalt Operations (USA)
  5. LG Chemicals – Lithium
    High-Level Technical Review Thacker Pass (USA)
  6. loneer – Lithium – Boron
    Preliminary Economic Assessment Esmeralda County (USA)
  1. Red Kite Mine Finance – Lithium
    Technical Due Diligence Baccanora Project (Mexico)
  2. Confidential Client – Lithium Brine
    High-Level Technical Review Rincon Project (Argentina)
  3. Denham Capital – Rare Earth Elements
    ITE Review Serra Verde Project (Brazil)
  4. China Molybdenum – Niobium/Phosphate
    Acquisition DD and HKEx CPR (Brazil)
  5. Confidential Client – Lithium
    Detailed Technical and ESG Review Sigma Lithium Project (Brazil)
  6. Confidential Client Lithium
    Independent Technical Review (Mali)
  1. Vulcan – Zero Carbon Lithium
    ITE/IESC Phase 1 Geothermal and Lithium Brine Project
  2. Talga – Graphite
    ITE/IESC Review Vittangi Graphite Anode Project (Sweden)
  3. Confidential Client – Copper Cobalt
    ITE/IESC Review (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
  4. Black Rock Mining – Graphite
    ITE/IESC Review Mahenge Project (Tanzania)
  5. Confidential Client – Nickel HPAL
    Detailed technical and ESG review Ambatovy Mines (Madagascar)
  6. Confidential Client – Lithium
    ITE Review Oyut Uul Project (Mongolia)
  1. Confidential Client – Lithium
    R & R Market Disclosure Multiple Assets (Pilbara, Western Australia)
  2. Confidential Client – Nickel HPAL
    Detailed technical and ESG review of operations Murrin Murrin Mine (Western Australia)
  3. Iluka Resources – Rare Earth Elements
    ITE/IESC Review EP3 Refinery (Western Australia)
  4. Alchemist – Nickel
    Technical Due Diligence Gag Island Nickel Project (Indonesia)
  5. LG Consortium – Nickel
    Technical Due Diligence Buli Nickel Project (Indonesia)
  6. Queensland Pacific Metals – Nickel Cobalt, HPA, Fe
    ITE/ESC Review for Lenders Townsville Energy Chemicals Hub (TECH) Project (Townsville)

Battery & Critical Minerals Experience

RPMGlobal has completed over 100 battery and critical mineral projects spanning the globe, including work on:

Our battery metals work includes advising battery manufacturers and OEMs for raw material supply investments upstream in the value chain and downstream through to and including battery recycling, pCAM, and CAM.

This work includes review of the mining operations as well as downstream refining technologies (solvent extraction, DLE, etc.) either through our internal team or partner network.

RPMGlobal holistic mining services

Combining our in-house deep domain technical and ESG knowledge, partner network and industry-leading technology, we help organisations solve their most complex challenges across every stage of the mining lifecycle. We are uniquely placed to support miners and financiers with an integrated technical and ESG offering which ensures there are no gaps in project reviews and studies. 

How can RPM help you?

Lenders Engineering

Strategy Development

Electrification and New Technology

ESG Services

Lenders Engineering

RPM is a global leader in providing Lenders Engineering services to a range of the mining industry’s financiers. We work across all commodities and regions for both upstream and downstream projects and have supported over $9.2 billion of successful debt financing since 2015. Our involvement includes the initial review (in-house technical and ESG) for financiers, construction monitoring, completion testing and ongoing monitoring to the term of the loan. The insight derived from this work provides RPM with up-to-date cost and performance information for a wide range of projects and regions.  

We support a broad range of financiers including governments, ECLA’s, Commercial Banks, Private Equity, Offtakers, OEM’s and Battery Cell Manufacturers, and tailor our reports to their unique requirements.     

RPM’s in-house team for this Lenders work includes geology, mining, processing, metallurgy, refining, engineering, construction, financial, as well as a broad range of ESG expertise including approvals and permitting, social responsibility, biodiversity, climate and carbon management.  

RPM continues to broaden its partner network to support the needs of financiers in the Energy Transition services space, including partnerships with leading geothermal, brine, direct lithium extraction (DLE), anode and cathode refining experts (pCAM and CAM).     

Our ability to bring together this in-house and partner network into a single offering combined with a trusted relationship with all key financiers in the mining industry puts RPM in a unique position to help support your project funding process. 

Lenders Engineering Project Experience

  1. Critical Elements Lithium Corp. – Lithium Rose Lithium Project (James Bay, Quebec) ITE/ESC
  2. Macquarie – Gold
    Project Greenstone (Equinox Gold/Orion JV) ITE & IESC
  3. Jervois – Cobalt
    Idaho Cobalt Operations (USA) ITE & IESC (USD100 – 150M)
  4. Taseko – Copper
    Florence ISL Copper Project (Nevada) ITE & IESC (USD 200 – 250M)
  5. Endeavour – Gold and Silver
    Terronera Underground (Jalisco, Mexico) ITE & IES
  1. IPE Mineração Morro do Ipê – Iron Ore
    Tico Tico Project Expansion (Serra Azul, Brazil) ITE & IESC (USD 200 – 300M)
  2. CBG – Compagnie de Bauxite de Guinea
    Phase 1 & Multiuser Rail (Sangarédi, Guinea) ITE (USD 875M)
  3. Kinross – Gold
    Kinross Tasiast Expansion (Mauritania) ITE & IESC (USD 150M)
  4. ORIMCO and West African Resources – Gold
    Sanbrado Mine & Kiaka Gold Project (Burkina Faso) IESC
  5. EXIM Bank – Lead and Zinc
    Citronen Lead & Zinc Mine (Greenland) ITE & IESC
  1. Vulcan – Zero Carbon Lithium
    Phase 1 Geothermal and Lithium Brine ITE/IESC
    Hod Maden Underground Gold Mine ITE & IESC
  3. Acacia – Copper
    Gökirmak Copper Mine (Turkey) ITE & IESC (USD 180M)
  4. Sandfire – Copper
    Motheo T3 and A4 Copper Project (West Botswana) IESC Review for Commercial Debt (USD 140M)
  5. Black Rock Mining – Graphite
    Mahenge Graphite Project (Tanzania) ITE & IESC
  1. Iluka Resources – Rare Earth Elements
    Eneabba Phase 3 Rare Earths Refinery (Western Australia) ITE & IESC (AUD 1.25B)
  2. KPMG and BCI Minerals – Salt & Potash
    Mardi Salt & Potash Evaporate and Port Project ITE (AUD 1.5B)
  3. Confidential Client – Fe Ore
    Integrated FE Mine and Pipeline Project ITE & IESC (USD 2.6B)
  4. KPMG & HPA – Alumina
    HPA First – High Purity Alumina Project ITE & IESC (AUD 308M)

IRMA Self-Assessment Support

The Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA) is a comprehensive global standard that covers all mined materials (except energy fuels) coming from all sizes of industrial mines all over the world. RPM provides your organisation with a project director and peer reviewer who brings extensive operational and consulting experience, as well as deep-domain ITE  and IESC expertise. Our dedicated and highly qualified technical ESG team are well versed in conducting IRMA and EP4/IFC audits.


Electrification and New Technologies

RPMGlobal has the ability and experience to harness leading technology to produce a positive outcome for our clients. Our team performs a robust analysis of current operations and processes to evaluate the opportunities for new technology implementation, providing confidence for your next step. With a focus on safety, reliability, and efficiency, our team has a proven track record of delivering high-quality electrification projects for global miners. From electrified haulage to power generation and distribution, RPM has the expertise and experience to deliver successful projects that exceed expectations. 

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