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The Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA) is a comprehensive global standard that covers all mined materials (except energy fuels) coming from all sizes of industrial mines all over the world.

What is IRMA?

The standard’s mission is:

“To protect people and the environment directly affected by mining. We do this by creating financial value for mines independently verified to achieve best practices and share this value with the businesses that purchase material from these mines.”

The standard is built on international industry best practices. It borrows from existing standards and guidelines and presents a comprehensive standard to define responsible mining.

Key Elements of IRMA Reviews

Our Experience

RPM began its first IRMA review in 2022, ahead of the curve. We have the hands-on experience to tackle the challenges and a front-line perspective to understand the value associated with IRMA reviews. 

RPM provides your organisation with a project director and peer reviewer who brings extensive operational and consulting experience, as well as deep-domain ITE  and IESC expertise. Our dedicated and highly qualified technical ESG team are well versed in conducting IRMA and EP4/IFC audits, as we aim to support mining organisations through evolving challenges in the industry.

“We greatly appreciate the high-quality work RPMGlobal has consistently delivered. Their deep understanding of the environmental and social aspects of mining and the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance, coupled with their responsiveness to our needs, has proven invaluable in evaluating potential mining investments.”  
- A major European car manufacturer

Perspective #147 – Navigating the Transition: The role of the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA) in Sustainable Mining Practices

Written by:

Luke Stephens | Executive Consultant & Social Specialist

This edition provides insight into the adoption of the IRMA Standard into the mining industry, and how mining operations are undergoing assessment to be prepared for the increased demand of transition metals. This standard was developed as a response to global calls for more ethical and sustainable mining practices whilst miners produce the critical minerals necessary for a low-carbon future. 

Global Reach, Local Support

Locations where mines are currently undergoing IRMA Assessments

APAC Experience Americas Experience EMEA Experience

As at August 2023

Our team will support you through IRMA Assessments

Luke Stephens

⭐️ Executive Consultant – ESG

As a mining social performance professional with more than 20 years of international experience, Stephens has a strong track record in social licence, community relations, social performance, multi-stakeholder partnerships, community grievance mechanisms, government and donor relations. He has spent numerous years with aid and humanitarian agency, Concern Worldwide. Since 1998 he has implemented best-practice community programmes in mining and alongside local communities across Africa, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Southeast Asia. 


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The mining industry is shifting its focus to a low carbon future, and RPMGlobal is uniquely placed to provide both technological and advisory support. From learning about your baselines to setting targets and putting decarbonisation processes in place, we are here to assist you in advancing your operations towards a low carbon future.

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