Integrating technology with advisory services for superior ESG outcomes

“Whether it’s the software or advisory component, the thing that we offer is being solutions focused. We’re pragmatic, we recognise that it’s not one-size-fits-all and that the requirements in this space are quite unique with very high stakes. We are ambidextrous in bringing that all together.” – Ngaire Tranter (RPM Head of ESG).

RPMGlobal Head of Product Strategy, David Batkin, and Head of ESG, Ngaire Tranter recently sat down with Australia’s Mining Monthly to discuss the recent developments to our suite of software solutions. Our technology supports miners in all aspects of a sustainable future, as the industry continues to place focus on ESG disclosures and low-carbon operations. Coupled with this, our dedicated ESG advisory team have the practical experience and deep-domain knowledge necessary to solve industry challenges.

Following our recent acquisitions of two mining-specific ESG consulting firms, we delved into our existing products to evaluate their potential for ESG support. Bolstering onto existing functionality, RPM has acquired a SaaS technology to track, analyse and report on emissions from one streamlined solution, EmissionsManager.

Our holistic ESG offering helps to advance your operation through both advisory and technology services, find out more here.

Read the full interview on Australia’s Mining Monthly. 

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