Your ESG Executive

Your ESG Executive provides the expertise of a seasoned professional to strategize, review, and make suggestions for ESG compliance and best-practice, supporting junior mining companies who lack the in-house resources to respond to the industry’s current expectations.

Your ESG Executive

  • IFC Compliance Gap Analysis
  • Environmental and Social Due Diligence
  • Permit Plan Review
  • Permit Strategy
  • Environmental and Social Compliance Review of Engineering
  • Equator Principles Compliance Review and Gap Analysis
  • Environmental Baseline Peer Review
  • International Standards Compliance Review (IRMA, CopperMark, Towards Sustainability, etc.)
  • ESIA Peer Review

Strategy & Framework Development

Investor Relations

Governance Support

Compliance Reporting

Global Team

Gonzalo Rios

Manager - ESG Americas
✉️ Email Gonzalo

Siobhan Pelliccia

Manager - ESG Australasia
✉️ Email Siobhan

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