AMT - 20 years of growth and development

AMT was first introduced to the mining industry in 2002 as a solution for OEMs to manage complicated maintenance contracts between their dealers and their customers. Fast forward twenty years, and the solution is now used by virtually every major mining equipment manufacturer, as well as mining contractors and miners across countless mining operations right around the world.

Since acquiring AMT two decades ago, RPMGlobal has continued to develop and innovate the solution to meet the ever-changing demands of the mining industry. Marco variables such as emission targets, commodity prices and climate change, down to the micro-level of haul road management and sourcing scarce labour, all impact maintenance. Supply chain tightening in recent years, of replacement equipment and materials, has extended lead times and driven up prices, placing greater pressure on the need for accurate forecasting, planning, budgeting, and reliability improvements.

RPM Product Manager for Asset Management, Ian Sedgwick, recently delved into the development that has been made in AMT to meet the needs of the mining industry. These continuous advancements result in AMT gaining the experience and history to provide accuracy and trust when it comes to maintenance budgeting and life-cycle costing.

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