Mining Economics – Sydney

This course provides participants with a solid foundation in the fundamental principles of mining economics. It focuses on cost efficiencies involved in every step of the mining process and provides an introduction to systematic planning and the importance of engineering decision-making based on costs. Each participant will receive a set of financial modelling templates and Dr. Ian Runge’s Mining Economics & Strategy textbook.



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Equipment management fundamentals

What is equipment management, equipment management framework, sustainable return on investment, value proposition, and achieving corporate goals.

Understanding life cycle costing

Introduction to Life Cycle Costing and practical applications of the method.

Economic life determination

Equipment life maximised and cost minimised.

Residual value in major components

Predicting life of equipment in time and diminishing value.

Establishing a framework

Process development, identifying layers, aligning people / systems / resources, process health, and ongoing refinement.

Bringing it all together

Dynamic Life Cycle Costing, budgeting, reliability, economic life determination, knowledge database, master data, and maintenance maturity

  • Learn how to align asset management with organisational objectives.
  • Increase knowledge in how to create a lowest production cost culture.
  • Understand effective techniques and philosophies to manage equipment.
  • Learn how to create and apply life cycle costing models.
  • Understand and practically apply reliability concepts.
  • Know how to perform asset management maturity reviews.
  • Learn how to prioritise asset management
    improvement strategies.

  • Maintenance Managers and Engineers
  • Cost Analysts
  • Purchasing and Supply Chain
  • Equipment Manufacturers and Dealers
  • Production Professionals
  • Suppliers and Financial Analysts