MinePlanner Oil Sands (OS) – Calgary, Alberta

This three day course teaches participants how to take a disciplined approach to mine scheduling using RPM’s MinePlanner. This course teaches students the core functionality of the product through pre-configured workshops that are designed around real-life scenarios.

Course delivered from North America, times are Mountain Standard Time / Mountain Daylight Time (MST / MDT).

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Create a new workspace and navigate Workspace Explorer.


Prepare, refine, and analyse a block model. Define and report the materials and activities that occur within the geology. Divide the imported solids into precise benches and scheduling blocks. Reserve the geology against the designs to generate the scheduling reserves.

Dump Design

Generate a dump model from imported solids, with specific waste materials and lift and block layouts.


Create a haulage model using the design tools and import options. Analyse travel times using trucks based on real-life equipment.

Equipment Scheduling

Run and analyse an equipment-based schedule with the imported models. Configure the schedule decisions of each resource. Create mining rules, product blending rules, and objectives to drive the schedule.

Product Scheduling

Convert the schedule into a product-based schedule that focuses on the mined materials.

  • Learn how to prepare, refine, and analyse the geology.
  • Learn about dividing the put into bench layouts with varying thicknesses and blocks.
  • Understand the options for generating and analysing the scheduling reserves.
  • Learn how to allocate waste material to construction or non-construction types, and assign the waste types to dumps.
  • Learn about creating a haulage network that dynamically responds to the state of surrounding scheduling blocks.
  • Know how to dynamically create mining areas that can be quickly modified in a plot.
  • Understand mining rules, like dependencies based on batter angles, to drive the schedule.
  • Learn how to generate a schedule that identifies the waste mined as a prerequisite of ore mining – and accordingly finetunes the waste mining and manages inventory.
  • Understand how to report the end-of-period recoverable barrels and inventory.

  • Mine Scheduling/Planning Engineers
  • Planning Managers/Superintendents
  • Senior Operations Personnel
  • System Administrators