In today’s world, we expect to have access to information whenever and wherever we want it including in the pit or underground.

ShiftManager is a planning and execution solution giving transparency so users can collaborate and communicate through a single integrated web-based plan. With a native mobile app, ShiftManager allows users to be agile, update progress as they go and proactively respond to intra-shift changes that are updated in real-time.

From disconnected to connected, from uncoordinated to coordinated, ShiftManager is easy to deploy and will increase efficiency, safety and shareholder value.

Key Benefits

True Mobile

ShiftManager Mobile is a native application ensuring everyone has access to the information they need regardless of where they are.

Integrated Systems

ShiftManager easily connects to any planning, ERP, telemetry, HR or work management system to seamlessly exchange information.

Digital Inspections

Easily record information on the field and feed all your systems or reports in real time. Enhance details by entering comments and attaching photos.

Real Time Updates

Improve visibility over the status of your mine for every team member, resulting in more predictability of your output.

Single Shift Plan

Consolidate the entire shift plan into a single source of truth.

Communication and Collaboration

ShiftManager combines and digitises the work to be done and the plan for the shift. A single plan, accessible by everyone.

The plan in the palm of your hand

As a manager, the greatest tool you can give your people is the information they need to complete their tasks efficiently and safely. ShiftManager Mobile provides this information so every worker knows the current plan. No shift ever goes exactly to plan and as changes happen it is important that everyone is updated. ShiftManager Mobile accesses the most up-to-date information and allows workers to enter progress as they complete and advance tasks.

When the shift is done, the changeover is simple and effective with the oncoming team having visibility of the previous shift including notes, progress on tasks, safety and change over notes, as well as the plan to complete the next shift.


One plan for all

ShiftManager is a web-based software accessible by multiple users at the same time and allows users to plan ‘in shift’ activities. It gives everyone on shift the right information when they need it through a live plan with real-time data at your fingertips.

Workers in the field and away from a computer now have the same access to information. As ShiftManager can be connected to many systems it updates throughout the shift as changes happen to provide one plan for all. Whether you are in maintenance, drilling, production, planning or training, everyone has the same information.

Offline? No problem

Mining operations are difficult environments and mobile or WiFi coverage is not always possible. When a worker finds themself outside of coverage with ShiftManager Mobile, they simply keep on working and when they enter an area with coverage again, all the information simply synchronises and updates the main plan.

Accountability and visibility

When compiling the weekly plan, the detail normally stops at high-level ‘productive’ tasks that have easy-to-measure metrics such as ‘tonnes, BCM’s or metres’. ShiftManager increases the visibility of ‘enabling’ tasks. Failure to complete ‘enabling’ tasks such as extending a trailing cable or fixing a ramp will impact productive tasks eventually.

Close the loop

Once a task is completed, it is reported so that there is a record of what was actually achieved against the plan. If a task is incomplete, ShiftManager will automatically prompt users to provide reasons to explain why, allowing you to improve the plan next time.

Planning is now able to be completed cross-functionally in a single system. Time spent entering data from the previous shift is eliminated and there is no more lost paper or illegible operator sheets. Supervisors and planners can focus on achieving targets knowing they have correct and complete information.

Mobile digital inspections

Paper-based inspections don’t make sense and technology exists to complete the process with more accuracy, and greater accountability and the results are available immediately. Empower your crews and supervisors to easily record information in the field and feed all your systems, dashboards and reports in real-time.

ShiftManager Mobile lets you communicate issues or required work with the rest of the team. With a few simple clicks, any worker can enter comments or attach pictures to improve the detail and quality of your inspections.

Communication and collaboration

With information comes power so access to information is crucial to the success of a mining operation. With everyone using a single plan with accurate and timely information, ShiftManager mobile improves your crews communication, collaboration and overall decisionmaking abilities leading to a safer, more productive operation.  

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