With a 3-D Discrete Event Simulation (DES) engine at its core, HAULSIM is the only mining simulation software that can quantify the impact of changes to haulage systems. HAULSIM models reflect a mine site’s complex and dynamic nature in its entirety. Model variability, interactions and dependencies that occur in your haulage systems.

The impacts of changes to a mine haulage system are based on accurate data with HAULSIM, giving the user the ability to test multiple ‘why’ and ‘what-if’ scenarios. This gives the opportunity to reduce operating costs through optimised performance and ensure overall operational safety and efficiency.


Discrete Event Simulation

Create a digital twin of your operation to test scenarios and quantify changes.

Electric vehicle, hydrogen and hybrid simulation

Easily model and quantify the differences between diesel, hydrogen, hybrid diesel and electrification of the mining fleet.

Industry's largest public equipment library

Access to the industry's largest publically available equipment library, including all major OEMs.

Intuitive use

Easy to master with users up and running in just a few hours.

3-D user interface

HAULSIM is built on gaming technology with an intuitive, 3-D interface that improves communication and collaboration.

Trusted travel time calculations

HAULSIM's travel time calculation engine is built on over 40 years of simulation experience.

Smarter haulage decisions

HAULSIM makes smarter haulage decisions, schedule validation, scenario analysis and fleet comparison before capital outlay.

Controlling uncertainty

Mine haulage optimisation is paramount, as it represents the highest cost component of any mining operation. HAULSIM drives down operating costs by predicting production, allowing users to take control of uncertainty in their mining operations. HAULSIM is used for:

  • Schedule Validation – Productivity assumptionsCongestion, Utilisation and availability, Machine hours
  • Decision Support – Stockpile management, Road rules, Multiple sources and destinations, Site management, Placement of passing bays.
  • Equipment Selection – Individual equipment modelling, Fleet and model matching.

Complete confidence in decisions

HAULSIM lets you validate schedules, investigate capital decisions and compare equipment. With a holistic focus on the haulage network, HAULSIM features a 3D-user interface to quickly and easily identify bottlenecks, congestion and other areas of improvement. Eliminate the cost and risk of real-world testing using HAULSIM to visualise the effects of ‘what-if’ scenarios such as:

  • Adding, removing or modifying equipment
  • Variations to equipment task assignment
  • Battery electric, hydrogen and hybrid vehicle modelling
  • Congestion and bottleneck improvement strategies.
  • Changes to maintenance practices
  • Haulage route and speed limit changes
  • Changes in truck or loader allocation
  • Adding or changing traffic control
  • Changes to the configuration of ore passes, crushers and stockpiles

Discrete Event Simulation

Discrete Event Simulation (DES) has been used in many industries for several years to better understand processes, in order to improve efficiency. Industries such as healthcare, logistics, manufacturing and even Formula 1 have benefited from having the ability to model their systems and achieve confidence in the outcomes.

HAULSIM has harnessed the DES philosophy in mining-specific software meaning users can quantify the impact of changes, such as locking trucks or refuelling strategy on productivity and utilisation. Through the incorporation of DES into a mining-specific user interface, HAULSIM can be used in any mining operation to support decisions and validate assumptions prior to any monetary outlay.

HAULSIM has been proven by hundreds of operations in both underground and open pit/cut mining environments all over the world.

A digital twin of your mining operation

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