RPMGlobal adds additional languages to key software offerings

9 June 2021

RPMGlobal has expanded the reach of its industry-leading planning and scheduling software, XPAC Solutions, after adding Chinese to the list of supported languages.

XPAC commodity-based solutions support multiple mining methods for both open pit and underground operations including metals mines, bulk commodities, oil sands, diamonds, potash and quarrying.

Building on from a recent major upgrade that marked the introduction of hybrid scheduling, the latest releases of XPAC Solutions is focused on supporting the increasing user base with additional language support features.

The mine planning solution now supports five languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese) across its commodity-specific mining software suite.

These language enhancements come as the company’s client base continues to expand, with the latest language compatibility upgrade designed to strengthen Chinese operations utilising the software.

David Batkin, RPMGlobal’s Executive Manager, Product Strategy said: “With the rapid growth of our solution footprint we are committed to ensuring we invest in true internationalisation, helping our global customer base maximise the value they receive from our solutions”.

RPMGlobal has also added new language support for its newly acquired inventory optimisation management software tool, IMAFS. IMAFS is an inventory management and forecasting software solution that utilises proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms to greatly improve inventory management.

In the latest release of IMAFS, the product now supports three languages (Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian), ensuring the product’s customer base has a seamless user experience in regions speaking those languages.

Other enhancements to IMAFS include a new user interface, making it easier than ever before to use the software, along with improved visualisation of frequency, usage multiples and lead times.

Commenting on the addition of the new language support, Mr Batkin said the company prides itself on offering comprehensive global multi-lingual support for its products that meets the needs of its global customer base.

“At RPMGlobal, we are constantly looking for opportunities that further assist customer success and expanding the language support for our key offerings is a natural requirement in the product development stage,” he said.

“Along with further advancements to our mining software, we anticipate the expansion of more language offerings across our software suite to ensure we are delivering enhanced value to our global customer base.”

RPMGlobal’s software offerings are deployed all over the world and are supported by 24 offices globally.

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