XPAC Solutions Overview – Mine Planning & Scheduling Software

RPMGlobal has evolved its industry-leading XPAC Solutions into RPM MinePlanner. With decades of experience and development, MinePlanner has the most powerful scheduling engine yet, connecting many aspects of a mining operation to deliver one integrated solution. 

Learn more about RPM MinePlanner here: https://rpmglobal.com/product/mineplanner/ 

RPM’s XPAC Solutions is a suite of commodity based scheduling solutions specifically built for different commodities and mining methods. With an intuitive user interface, Solutions allows Engineers to focus on delivering value, eliminating silos and assumptions, encouraging collaboration and informed decision-making based on one single source of the truth. The data unleashes true value by giving users the ability to explore multiple scenarios, not just across one site, by the entire business, quick and with confidence, in real-time, in response to ever-changing market demands.