Maximising your demand chain: How to overcome common value chain optimisation challenges

Having an optimised demand chain has an immediate impact on reducing the cost of sales and increasing margins. Longer-term outcomes include increasing customer satisfaction and service level differentiation. In order to optimise the demand chain, mining operations require a holistic understanding and integration of the entire value chain so that it becomes demand-driven rather than supply-driven. Oftentimes, this proves difficult to achieve because the value chain can be quite fragmented and disconnected.

This whitepaper discusses the challenges associated with optimising your mine’s demand chain and the ways to overcome them. Our industry experts provide deep-domain knowledge on the topic and propose an integrated software solution. Our short-term scheduling technology, XECUTE, utilises a demand chain optimiser (DCO) to optimise the flow of material required to satisfy customer orders all the way back to the mine for bulk commodity miners.


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