Our team

Meet the experienced business leaders responsible for ensuring RPM continues to advance as a company and advance the mining industry.

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Stephen Baldwin

Chairman & Non-Executive Director

Angeleen Jenkins

Non-Executive Director

Richard Mathews

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Scurrah

Non-Executive Director

Ross Walker

Non-Executive Director

Richard Mathews

Chief Executive Officer

David Batkin

Executive General Manager - Product Strategy

Philippe Baudry

Executive General Manager - Advisory Services

Paul Beesley

Chief Technology Officer

Anthony Fraser

Chief Marketing Officer

Michael Kochanowski

Chief Financial Officer

James O’Neill

Executive General Manager - Group General Counsel and Company Secretary

Brittany Rixon

Executive General Manager - People and Culture

Hal Bradwell

Regional General Manager - Americas

Michael Baldwin

Regional General Manager - Asia Pacific

Mike Evans

Regional General Manager - Europe, Middle East & Africa

David McMillan

General Manager - Advisory Australasia

Siobhan Pelliccia

General Manager - ESG Australasia

Stuart Smith

President - Consulting and Advisory Americas

Simon Askey-Doran

General Manager - Business Development

Ariel Cao

Manager - North Asia

Marcelo del Giudice

Manager - Vice President - Latin America

Igor Bojanic

General Manager - Australasia Technical

Luke Stephens

Manager ESG - Americas