The problem used to be collecting data – but now the problem is making sense of it. We’re overloaded with data from every area of our operation and often struggle to trust what the data is telling us, leading to poor decision-making and performance. Splashback exists to help bridge the gap between data and people by democratizing data. When people can both access and understand data, it paves the way for positive, informed change to take place.

Mining inherently involves constantly changing conditions and landscape, and Splashback makes it easy to import values and then provide your stakeholders with data when and where you need it.

Field workers can capture data straight into their mobile, and transfer it instantly to analysts and consultants, driving informed decisions from data with context. To inform sustainable strategies, as mining companies look to a low-carbon future, information from the site must be accurate and current, and Splashback provides a cloud-based solution to provide this data to decision-makers.

Splashback was acquired by RPMGlobal in December 2022

The acquisition bolsters RPM’s Software Sustainability portfolio with a complementary offering for data storage, access, analysis, and integration. There is also a mobile application eliminating paper and allowing field technicians, scientists and other on the ground staff to securely collect data on-the-go. The first stage of strategy development is having clear, concise data, aligning to the current operational state. This data is key to informing the pathway to a sustainable future, and RPM is focused on supporting mining companies around the globe to achieve low-carbon.


Increase your business agility

Don’t worry about missing warning signs in your data. Splashback shows you key insights effectively with its intuitive, human interface.

Zero learning curve

There is no need to learn new software. Splashback integrates directly with Microsoft Excel using its add-in platform.

Builds reports in minutes

By working existing workflows, there is little need to redesign processes. Simply fetch the data from our cloud platform and deliver.

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Net Zero

The mining industry is shifting its focus to a low carbon future, and RPMGlobal is uniquely placed to provide both technological and advisory support. EmissionsManager provides highly insightful data and reports to allow for proactive decision-making in this space.

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