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Control maintenance costs, be more accurate and predictable with AMT

30-50% of total mining costs are maintenance-related. At RPMGlobal, we believe there is a better way to manage that cost. We built AMT because our clients needed to truly understand their future spending, and be proactive about optimising it. We wanted to clarify the impact of the maintenance decisions in the short term and over the asset’s life.​

AMT is an enterprise software solution designed specifically to help asset-intensive businesses truly understand each of their assets’ life cycles.

​AMT transforms your business from reactive to proactive and puts you in control of your maintenance spending while improving the reliability and availability of your assets.

Benefits of AMT

Reduce maintenance costs

Increase equipment uptime

Improve asset reliability

Get more out of your ERP

Most ERP systems do a great job at accumulating historical data. Planned work can be scheduled to show the next occurrence, and work orders get created and closed day after day. AMT seamlessly integrates with your ERP to sync the assets, planned strategies, and work orders. Integration between AMT and your ERP allows your mining operation to harness the full power of AMT’s DLCC engine, to project all your maintenance strategies to the end of each asset’s life cycle. In addition, AMT provides a full suite of reporting and analytic tools to integrate and improve your ERP data and your assets’ overall life-cycle costs.

AMT provides a low-risk deployment that does not impact any routine in your ERP that generates a financial transaction. With the additional functionality AMT adds to your ERP, you’ll be able to perform the following critical processes to truly understand and optimise your assets:

  • Dynamic Life Cycle Costing – real-time forecast of all maintenance events for the asset
  • Maintenance Cost Budget – snap-shot in time of the up to date life cycle cost projection
  • Strategy Optimisation – know if your current strategies are correct or not
  • Strategy Simulation – ‘what-if’ comparison analysis
  • Maintenance Reporting Cubes & Views – for custom reporting and dashboards
  • Asset Benchmarking – easily find the bad actors across multiple key measures
  • Asset economic life optimisation – determine the right time to retire or replace an asset
  • Long-term forecast optimisation – review upcoming activities and forecast components
  • Modelling asset/fleet selections/extensions – perform accurate feasibility studies

Become more agile and strategic about your maintenance decisions by using the full power of AMT to understand the costs of your assets, and what activities will be required to keep them running efficiently far into the future.

Enhance ability to track fleet maintenance spend to meet complex maintenance needs of the large-scale operations.

Are you replacing and repairing your assets at the right time?

Do you know what it costs to maintain your current assets on a per hour or per ton basis?

How does that compare to the cost of a new asset? What is the residual value in all the components for each asset? If you answered no to any of these, it would be very difficult to know when the right time is to retire or replace an asset, leading to significant financial losses.

Optimising retirement or replacement of an asset results in savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars per asset. AMT provides you with the tools to understand when the right time is to replace an asset, giving you cost visibility and accuracy. AMT calculates each asset’s residual value in components (RVIC) and allows you to see the optimal time to replace the asset. In addition, AMT will enable you to see how your cost/hour or cost/ton is trending on your existing assets and compare that to the future projected costs against benchmarked “new machine” costs.

AMT provides you with the tools and confidence to know when a machine should be shut down.

AMT is used by top tier miners worldwide

AMT is the only tool on the market today that links with your ERP to create dynamically updated life-cycle models to allow you to truly understand what is happening with your assets, and what will happen for each of your assets until they’re retired. You will finally understand your historical performance and how it compares to your future plans.

You won’t get different results by doing the same things. AMT is the backbone to help you change what you are doing and know that those changes are best for the asset to minimise costs and maximise production.

AMT is the only tool on the market today that links with your ERP to create dynamically updated life-cycle models.

Want to know more? Download the AMT Case Study

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