We’re excited to be attending IMARC and to have the opportunity to connect with the industry once again. IMARC is Australia’s largest and most influential mining event, and we’re thrilled to be part of this global conversation.

Discover how we’re advancing our mining software, advisory and training solutions to mobilise your operation for stronger efficiency and collaboration across people and processes.

Don’t miss Ngaire Tranter presenting ‘Redefining Mine Closure’ on Thursday 3 November as she explores how we can deliver safe, stable and sustaining land uses for future generations. Ngaire will also be joining a ‘Talk it Forward Table’, discussing Mining’s credibility issue and possible solutions.  

Ngaire’s presentations: 

  • IMARC Day 2 | Thursday 3rd November | 3:00PM 
  • Special Guest: Talk it Forward Tables. ‘Let’s be Honest, We Have a Credibility Issue – Can We Fix it?’ 
  • Location: Collaboration Stream: Mining’s Commitment to ESG & the SDGS
  • IMARC Day 2 | Thursday 3rd November | 4:15PM 
  • ‘Redefining Mine Closure Ngaire Tranter’  
  • Location: Collaboration Stream: Mine Closure, Rehabilitation & Repurpose 

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RPM CEO, Richard Mathews, will delve into ‘Moving to the Cloud’, as part of the Integration and Connectivity Session. Discover our insights into the future of mining technology, and how we’re innovating our solutions in the march to the cloud.  

Richard’s presentations: 

  • IMARC Day 2 | Thursday 3rd November | 1:45PM 
  • ‘Moving to the Cloud: What’s in it for Me?’ (20 min speaking slot) 
  • Location: Digital Technology Stream: Integration & Connectivity  

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