CFA Society Perth: Closing the ESG Disclosure Gap

CFA Society Perth invites you to join over breakfast for a presentation on their ESG Series: Closing the Disclosure Gap – What Analysts Want to See and What Miners can Deliver.

Miners, in common with most other issuers of debt or equity on open markets, face ever-increasing scrutiny of their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks and how well they manage them.

Investors and analysts want to price ESG risks into investment decisions as simply as possible, and make quick comparisons both within and between sectors.

Mining however faces a special set of challenges and the specific risks are almost unique to each operation. Overly simplistic metrics, used in haste, may misprice ESG risks for a given asset or group of assets: sound opportunities may be overlooked; conversely, expensive problems may lurk in the detail lost in a cursory assessment.

Our Executive Consultant, David O’Brien, will be discussing some of the ESG challenges in mining and how different disclosure or assessment frameworks, or even the same framework applied differently, could paint quite different pictures of performance and risk.