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Account Director
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Product Specialist
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Andrew Johnston

Enterprise Asset Management Solutions Executive
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Marketing Specialist
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As organisations commit to reducing their carbon footprint and operating sustainably, the ability to test scenarios for the haulage fleet becomes critical. HAULSIM is a Discrete Event Simulation (DES) tool that enables the user to build a digital twin of any mining operation to evaluate different haulage scenarios. HAULSIM lets users model, quantify and visualise the differences between diesel, hydrogen, hybrid diesel and electrification of the mining fleet.

Electrifying an operation, with power supplied by renewable sources, offers the opportunity to improve the mines’ environmental performance through the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and the introduction of renewable energy.

As mining organisations commit to emission reduction targets, the ability to model and quantify different scenarios for the haulage profile will become more and more critical to the ongoing viability of the operations. HAULSIM uses discrete event simulation to generate different outcomes based on what combination of diesel, electric or hydrogen-powered vehicles are deployed within the mining operation and allow users to quantify the results of each scenario in a way that assists them to make the best decisions inclusive of sustainability considerations.


RPMGlobal’s XERAS allows companies to forecast and budget their finances and decarbonisation initiatives simultaneously. XERAS Enterprise helps you to better understand and integrate emissions into operating practices and reporting, in order to visualise emissions forecasts to inform decarbonisation pathways and action. XERAS can be used to understand future emission trajectories, helping mining organisations forecast the capital and operational costs and benefits of decarbonisation.

The mining physicals generated in the planning phases integrate seamlessly with XERAS to allow the calculation of emissions intensity and forecasts. In combination with RPMGlobal’s EmissionsManager, you can establish and integrate effective decarbonisation forecasting that will assist with both the monitoring and governance of emissions and in their forecasting to ensure adequate strategies are in place to achieve the organisation’s emission reduction commitments.

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