Increase predictability, reduce risks, and maximise production.

Track KPIs from everywhere, at any time.

Break down silos

Combine and digitise the work to be done and the plan for the shift. A single plan, accessible by everyone.

Improved safety

Improve safety and provide a mechanism to plan tasks from inspections to audits.

Dynamic plan

Keeps your plan current, so you can respond to shift realities as they change.

How is your mining organisation discussing daily plans and goals? 

Most mining organisations share a common planning meeting, where all departments discuss the schedule and then build a plan into their disparate spreadsheets. Multiple spreadsheets, whiteboards and sticky notes result in poor transparency across the entire organisation, reducing information and data sharing needed to reach targets. Your teams are unaware of adjustments that need to be made in the shift, causing inefficiency, reduced production and poor compliance to the plan, which can lead to unsafe operations. 

RPMGlobals ShiftManager solution provides one plan to rule them all, combining all plans to provide full transparency in all levels of your organisation and trust, so your team is aware when adjustments need to be made, increasing efficiency and safety in operations. 

Everyone does a good job of planning in isolation; combining them makes them great.

ShiftManager allows for all departments across your mining organisation to have full visibility of the plan, providing managers and supervisors with the ability to provide adjustments from real-time data. The solution gives managers the ability to operate and balance resource requirements at a shift level, through an integrated platform, where all inputs, outputs and changes are captured for analysis, reporting and statutory records.

Aligning crews to a single site-wide plan, planning contingencies, and adjusting to the realities of the shift helps front-line teams adapt and deliver on their shift level targets. ShiftManager is the operational backbone of your mine providing a short-term integrated scheduling solution combining all your plans, across all departments into one integrated execution plan. This solution allows supervisors to be agile and respond to intra-shift changes to ensure that the next shift is always the most efficient shift.

Digitise your plans

ShiftManager transforms your disconnected plans into one integrated digital plan, removing the need for multiple spreadsheets across your organisation. Access the latest information at any time from a single source of the truth. With ShiftManager, you can be confident in your reporting and analysis to drive continuous improvement in the planning, scheduling and execution.

  • Live plan with real-time data at your fingertips
  • Seamlessly connected information for online reporting
  • Work anywhere, anytime with online nativity
  • Capture KPI’s and shift tasks live


Compliance within the operations

When everyone is working towards the same goal, everyone will aim for the same outcome. Aligning your teams to a single digitalised plan allows organisations to meet their guidance.

  • One plan for all  
  • Get more done  
  • Accountability and visibility  
  • Close the loop 

Mobile nativity

ShiftManager has been developed to have native capabilities, extending use to online, offline and on mobile. Your team can access the schedule and view adjustments from anywhere, at anytime. Our mobile integration increases visibility for the operation, enabling more insight and collaboration.

The ability to access plans live provides real-time data at your fingertips, with access to real-time KPIs and shift task progress.

  • Seamlessly connect your teams
  • Work anywhere, anytime
  • Insightful information for online reporting

ShiftManager combines plans from all departments and systems into one single, integrated source of the truth. Provide visibility of adjustments and progress to your entire mine.

ShiftManager has been successfully implemented by some of the largest mining companies in the world and is quickly becoming the industry standard. 

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