AMT is a maintenance budgeting solution built by maintenance people for maintenance people. For the past 20 years AMT has delivered accurate and proven asset management solutions for miners, equipment manufacturers and contractors all over the world.

With deployments across thousands of sites, mobile equipment models, and fixed plants, no one has more experience in delivering an accurate maintenance budgeting solution for mining.

AMT Asset Management Software is the only maintenance solution that dynamically links to life-cycle costing and strategy. With seamless ERP integration, AMT is a true off-the-shelf solution that can be rapidly deployed to help solve complex maintenance challenges

Key Benefits

Live Budgeting and Forecasting

AMT keeps a live Zero-Based Budget to a component level including all planned and unplanned events.

Seamless ERP Integration

including certified SAP Adaptors, ensures AMT delivers a robust and unified solution for maintenance budgeting.

Rapid Deployment

AMT is an off-the-shelf solution that can be rapidly deployed into any operation.

The industry-proven asset maintenance solution used by thousands throughout the mining industry

Built by maintenance people for maintenance people and used globally for over 20 years.

Key Features

Dynamic life cycle costing (DLCC)

Providing powerful forecasting - in real time.

Flexible reporting and analyses

Review and adjust data based on risk, changes to the mine plan, fleet plan, escalation, etc. Apply manual edits and over-rides for greater control.

Create live budget snapshots

Quickly prepare budgets that include Capex, operating Costs & Utilisation. Create and save multiple budgets to compare different versions and scenarios.

Model complex Budget Scenarios in a fraction of the time

Easy to model future equipment requirements

Quickly identify key drivers in projected variances

Comprehensive what-if scenario capabilities

Fine tune your budgeting assumptions based on your actual history

Quantify the risk associated with each budget

Pre-built Budget Reporting Packs

Enhance your data with access to a gallery of Budgeting Reporting Packs available out-of-the-box & ready to use. AMT provides numerous rich Power BI Budgeting Reporting Packs to streamline your Budget process and overall asset maintenance strategy analysis.

Pre-configured Power BI reports include:

  • RVIC (Residual Value in Components) Analysis
  • PCV (Projected Cost Variance) Chart
  • Contract Analysis
  • Labour Forecast
  • + More detailed budget analysis reports

AMT publishes to any corporate budgeting/ reporting system, so you can compare, analyse, and share budget data in your native platform.

The AMT Difference: The power of DLCC

DLCC is the heart of AMT – a powerful, live calculating engine that is unique to AMT, and provides users with a real-time forecast of all maintenance events for equipment to the end of its useful life. The power of DLCC is that it calculates not just costs but utilisation, productivity and resource requirements (labour, components, parts and consumables) and dynamically sends data to every aspect of your maintenance operation for precise output.

This functionality enables asset managers to easily identify potential issues and take action early, saving money and avoiding costly downtime. DLCC allows asset managers to understand the impact of their current decisions operationally for the remainder of the asset’s life.

DLCC facilitates and improves collaboration between maintenance and planning systems by linking to the mine plan. This powerful connection ensures maintenance costs are more than a year-on-year linear relationship.

20 years in the industry

Our Asset Maintenance Software has been refined in line with the mining industry’s progress over the past two decades. AMT is industry-proven with maturity and experience within thousands of sites, mobile equipment models and fixed plants. Thousands of miners, OEMs and contractors trust AMT every day. 

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