Advancing Mining through safer, more efficient and more sustainable operations.

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Advancing the mining industry for more than 50 years.

Guided by our underlying principles of mining expertise, innovation and sustainability, we strive to create safer, more efficient and more sustainable operations for our mining customers.

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Working with the wider industry

RPMGlobal is proud to support and collaborate with the global mining industry and associations

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The mining industry’s go-to partner for software, advisory and training

For more than 50 years, RPMGlobal has been the mining industry’s leading enterprise technology, advisory and training provider, delivering contracts and services to organisations in over 125 countries from 21 strategically-located offices across the globe.

With our strategic focus on delivering productivity through innovative service offerings and technology enablement, RPM provides trusted services and solutions across all commodities and methods. As the market leader in enterprise mining software solutions, covering all aspects from mine planning through to execution, we deliver the industry’s most advanced scheduling, simulation, costing and execution tools and solutions.

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With our ability to deliver impartial, expert advice across all stages in a mine’s lifecycle, RPMGlobal’s Advisory Team are the trusted advisors the industry turns to for guidance.

Our mining advisors are up-to-date and abreast of the current and emerging challenges the industry faces worldwide, and are trusted by organisations to help them meet shifts in social norms and manage both consumer and investor expectations in transitioning to a zero-carbon future.

From initial exploration to mine closure, including project feasibility and funding, and mine development and operations, our mining advisory services enable informed decision-making and provide much-needed peace of mind.

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Drawing on our expertise and commitment to innovation and sustainability, RPMGlobal is an established leader in industry training for mining and offers both classroom and online training to suit the unique needs of your organisation.

Our mining training ranges from top-level courses providing a comprehensive understanding of the cycle from exploration to processing, to specific courses on subjects as diverse as asset management life cycle costing and carbon literacy.

Along with public mining courses held throughout the year in various regions globally and our growing library of online courses available to purchase online, RPMGlobal also delivers customised, private training sessions with specifically-configured content for our clients, either in person or remotely.

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