RPM MinePlanner is the next generation of mine planning software built on 40+ years of experience to deliver the most advanced solution available. MinePlanner is 100% script-free and made up of pre-defined logic that automates tedious processes and puts the intelligence back into the scheduling engine. MinePlanner automatically determines what is practically possible to achieve across many mining operations. This agility gives engineers the ability to respond rapidly to the market and maximise output, delivering shareholder value.

Integrated Features

Smart Scheduling

MinePlanner introduces Smart Scheduling. Smart Scheduling provides augmented scheduling using a discoverable engine that combines automated, manual and hybrid scheduling into one.

Automated Reserving

Automatically creates the scheduling reserves from geology and design, whilst handling massive models.

Destination Scheduling

Simultaneously schedules mining and dumping, so you know the source and destination of every step.

Haulage Modelling

Detailed haulage modelling of every movement in the mine with automatic reporting of equipment requirements.

Live Reporting

MinePlanner introduces Live Reporting. Live Reporting keeps your reports in sync with your schedule so reports are always in real-time and available.

Product Optimiser

Integrated Product Optimiser finds the best way to process, blend and stockpile products to maximise value.

RPM Smart Scheduling Engine

Not just another critical path scheduler, the RPM engine has heuristics integrated.

Redefining mine planning and scheduling

Underpinning MinePlanner is a powerful scheduling engine that does all the heavy lifting without compromising sophistication and capabilities. MinePlanner simplifies the process while still delivering the most powerful, most capable, and most flexible solution ever. From an individual site through to multi-site and global operations RPM MinePlanner offers the most advanced solution available.

Together with our intuitive user interface, this embedded intelligence increases mine productivity and provides rapid ROI with a scalable, intuitive, and fast to learn solution.

Suitable for all commodities and mining methods

MinePlanner has specific functionalities for coal miners, including:

  • Gas drainage for underground
  • Ability to define how customised panels, headings and longwalls intersect major features
  • Conveyor modelling
  • Rules-based coal seam aggregation that converts the in-situ model into working sections
  • Integrated and dynamic haulage
  • Control of wash density and quality targets

The solution has built-in capabilities for both open pit and underground metal operations:

  • Destination scheduling
  • Simultaneous planning of mining and dumping as part of the schedule
  • Detailed haulage in open pit operations
  • Optimise waste placement with comparison between available ex-pit and back-fill dumping options
  • Stope development prioritisation
  • Production & backfill rate profiles

RPM MinePlanner is able to:

  • Monitor deployment of all equipment on a synchronised animation plot
  • Model conveyors to act as a constraint on overall production
  • Use dynamic stratigraphic design to display how panels respond as the mine layout is created and adjusted
  • Consider collapse zones, lease boundaries, wells and more
  • Automatically incorporate the additional strata into working sections

As a leading scheduling solution, MinePlanner has evolved to cater for the specialities of Diamond mining, being able to:

  • Model detailed haulage activities
  • Geology integration to keep schedules up-to-date
  • Mining rules that consider bench access and drop-cut locations
  • Automatically generate ramp, trim and production blasts on each bench
  • Understand the intricacies of the extraction schedule

MinePlanner has been developed to:

  • Identify the ideal stoping sequence and then development priority
  • Schedule placement of engineered backfill and development waste into stopes, allowing for high strengths plugs, mixed fill types and mixed curing rates

With added functionalities for Oil Sand miners, MinePlanner can:

  • Simultaneously schedule the depletion of the mine and the construction of tailings dykes in oil sands
  • 2-pass scheduling algorithms and dynamic haul route modelling to identify the best possible bitumen production schedule

Developed for Quarry operations, RPM MinePlanner provides:

  • Detailed equipment modelling to track the source and destination of every material movement, resulting in detailed time analysis
  • Incorporate crushing characteristics of mined material when evaluating aggregate production strategies in quarry mines

A Truly Integrated Solution

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Intuitive, Practical and Script free

With a process-driven workflow that’s 100% script-free, MinePlanner is fast to implement and even faster to learn. The sequential steps that form the scheduling process eliminate the need for complicated scripting and costly consultants. Rather than complex menus and options hidden within deeply nested dialogues, the repeatable process provides every option when required.

RPM MinePlanner has utilised a discoverable engine making it easy to use so you can find all the elements and features of the system simply and quickly.

Integrated Product Optimiser

Product Optimiser is the industry leader for automatically finding the best way to process, blend and stockpile mined materials. MinePlanner is the only scheduling solution that can simultaneously compare and optimise waste and ore ensuring the optimal mining decisions are being made for every bucket. The new Product Optimiser functions in MinePlanner yet again set the benchmark for the rest of the industry.

Single Scheduling Process

MinePlanner manages the entire scheduling process within one application. Destination scheduling, materials management, disturbance reporting and haulage modelling are integrated as part of the process. Simultaneously schedule mining and dumping as part of the schedule, capturing every movement for a true reflection of what is happening on site, without the need to go back and balance it out.

Multi-Scenario Analysis

With a process-driven user interface, automated mining rules and rapid scheduling speed, engineers can focus on delivering value, trusting that the solution has the mining logic covered. MinePlanner allows engineers to explore alternative ‘what if’ scenarios to understand how best to drive the mine’s production in changing market conditions.

Smart Scheduling

MinePlanner includes manual or automatic scheduling or a hybrid of both all rolled into a single engine. Scheduling locking (ability to lock a schedule from any point, ie lock the first 12 periods then schedule from the next period onwards), and Break Points (ability to run a little and advance the schedule piece by piece) bolster the solution to be practical and intuitive.

Engineers have the flexibility to work in detail when required, then let the speed of auto-scheduler take over the more tedious tasks. Regardless of the method, RPM’s destination scheduling automatically manages the movement of waste to dumps and the Product Optimiser finds the best way to process and manage stockpiles.

Intuitive User Interface

With the intuitive, process-driven user interface, highly automated mining rules and extremely rapid scheduling speed, Engineers can focus on delivering value knowing the solution has the mining logic covered. You are no longer forced to accept the best option the planner can produce manually in the limited time available. Our solution provides the opportunity to explore alternative ‘what if’ scenarios to truly understand how best to drive the mine’s production in changing market conditions.

Workplace Management

RPM MinePlanner is an Enterprise solution with a collaborative workspace. Mutliple users can work in reserving, scheduling, haulage and destinations all in the same workspace so management of the schedule is easy and fast. There’s no more jumping between applications to update and manipulate files, all updates are uploaded and shared between the system seamlessly.

An Enterprise Solution

MinePlanner uses an Enterprise model so all changes are incorporated into the planning data, anywhere, anytime. Users are notified when there are changes to the block model or other files so they can decide whether to incorporate those changes into the current schedule. The entire team can collaborate and communicate as changes are made to ensure effective and adaptive decision-making.

Industry Workflows

RPM MinePlanner is the only scheduling solution of its kind that can compare and optimise complex options, ensuring the optimal mining decisions are realised to identify the most cost-effective scheduling and extraction sequence. With MinePlanner, you can always meet production targets and qualities as the solution automatically find the best way to process, blend and stockpile mined materials to maximise the value of one or more products. Unlike other mine planning solutions that perform these tasks one after the other, MinePlanner looks at all options in parallel creating a truly optimised solution.

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