Live Webinar

We’re hosting a live webinar, providing insight into Improving parts availability and reducing operating costs by right sizing your inventory.”  

Darren Mulvena, Product Manager, and Veronique Potvin, Solutions Executive, have the industry experience to share practical strategies for right-sizing your inventory, optimizing efficiency, and driving sustainable growth within mining operations.  

Date: Tuesday 23rd April 2024
Time: 10:00am PDT | 1:00pm EDT
Registration: Register via MS Teams

Darren Mulvena

Product Manager - IMAFS

Véronique Potvin

Inventory Optimization Solutions Executive.

What is IMAFS?

IMAFS uses proprietary and cutting-edge AI algorithms to enhance inventory management as a robust inventory optimization solution. AI performs a very complex analysis of many parameters to significantly improve forecasting accuracy.

With IMAFS, operations can continuously improve the accuracy of parts availability, reduce inventories, decrease stockouts and reduce equipment downtimes.