EnviroDataVault to Tackle Environmental Transparency

29 March 2023


RPMGlobal have released its newest addition to their growing suite of solutions to tackle decarbonisation and pollution with EnviroDataVault (EDV). EDV is a unique SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that builds on the 2022 acquisition of Splashback. It is used to capture, store, manage and share environmental data in mining.

EnviroDataVault provides mining organisations an advanced cloud platform, for storing measurements that change with time. This facilitates companies to capture, store and manage environmental data such as air quality, noise, vibration, and water samples. The information is stored and managed within the EDV environment, which controls access levels for internal and external groups.

David Batkin, Head of Product Strategy, said “the platform and data transparency is perfect for building much needed trust between mining organisations and external stakeholders. EnviroDataVault enables mining organisations to capture, manage and thereafter share important environmental information to a wider audience. When stakeholders have access to information and can see for themselves the great work that mining companies are doing, it builds trust within communities”.

An example of how EDV is used in this context is the monitoring of water quality within rivers and lakes. Mining sustainability experts capture water samples to ensure water quality impacts are measured. Data is shared through EDV’s online platform with interested third-party groups. This same concept was used on the successful Savage River Rehabilitation Project to show water quality improving over time, with state government and interested industry groups all collaborating on the same data.

Sample data is captured either automatically from sensors and laboratory reports, or field workers capture raw data via a mobile device. The mobile application eliminates the current issues with manual capture of data such as doubling handling of data, data entry errors, lost information and the timeliness with which it is entered.

“EnviroDataVault digitises the process, giving users an efficient and real-time solution,” says Batkin. “Workers in the field capture and collect data in real-time, which is then seamlessly shared, all through one cloud system”.

The mining industry is moving towards cloud-based solutions and with good reason. SaaS and cloud offerings help to facilitate collaboration, mobility, access and security. Perhaps most importantly, cloud solutions also take away much of the strain and workload of the already overworked IT team.

Through controlled APIs data can be imported from labs, sensors, and the field by seamlessly integrating EDV into existing business specific IT systems. “Transparency is the key to a positive community image” said Batkin, “With EDV you have one source of the truth in a transparent, accessible platform for stakeholders, regulators, and research organisations all within one secure environment making it a very compelling solution”.

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