Investigate your options and increase productivity from your longwall every time. Its systematic and visual approach renders Underground Coal TALPAC the desktop solution of choice for technical, production and training teams. Underground Coal TALPAC lets you accurately forecast future production, assess different cutting systems and optimise your face configuration so you can achieve a step up in productivity with your longwall.


Maximise productivity in every shift

Accurately simulate multiple long-wall cutting methods to find the best option.

User-driven interface

Intuitive user interface that is easy to learn and use.

Advanced analytics

Powerful reporting with inbuilt reports that are fully customisable.

Industry-leading longwall solution

Underground Coal TALPAC has been trusted by the mining industry for decades to deliver productivity improvements.

Accurately forecast

Underground Coal TALPAC can be easily configured to accurately calculate the production from your longwall. For any given face configuration, Underground Coal TALPAC can be used to assess the differences between cutting systems. Quickly and easily assess the differences between bi-directional, uni-directional or hybrid systems and assess the impacts this has in the instantaneous capacity of your outbye conveyor system.

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