As a comprehensive mine schedule optimisation tool, SOT uses an evolutionary search algorithm to generate optimised schedules that maximise the NPV of any resource. SOT is purpose-built for scenario planning and comparisons. This allows mine planners to analyse multiple strategies and inform the selection of alternative, high-NPV schedules. Operations can extract more value from their resource with an NPV optimised schedule, mitigating risk and decreasing the payback period.


Optimised NPV

Custom heuristics and an evolutionary algorithm optimise the NPV.

Decision support

Identify robust, high-value schedules that drive strategic mine planning.

Scenario planning & comparisons

Generate multiple ‘what if’ scenarios in minutes to determine economic viability.

Optimise multiple metrics

Optimise for NPV, ore feed targets, profitability index and many more metrics.

Seamless integration

Integrated with most major mine planning packages.

Optimal transition

Efficiently transition from open pit to underground mining.

Solve complex mine planning challenges

Underground and surface mines are incredibly complex entities with detailed interdependencies.  Combining custom heuristics with evolutionary learning, SOT provides the industry’s only practical method of identifying optimised outcomes for the most challenging mine scheduling problems.  SOT can optimise a long-range schedule for a mining operation that includes both surface and underground orebodies.

SOT generates thousands of schedules, learning from and improving the highest value schedules.  This rigorous analysis process continues until the optimisation converges, presenting the best schedules for review by the mine planner.  Complex mining problems are rendered tractable, enabling the end-user to easily identify and adopt the mining schedule with the highest NPV to maximise value.

‘What if’ scenario analysis

Want to increase productivity and profitability?  SOT is purpose-built for consistent comparisons of planning scenarios, supporting an efficient workflow for analysing alternative mine designs, financial scenarios, and equipment fleets.  SOT makes it easy for mine planners to refine the strategic plan, identify and address potential bottlenecks, and elaborate on the selected strategy.  SOT gives you the ability to efficiently boost the economic viability of your surface or underground mine and add more value to the business.

Mine planners can also perform sensitivity analysis on operating costs and commodity prices, combining the full range of options identified by various domain experts to create meaningful optimised scenarios.  It is possible to manage the world of combinations confronting a mine planner every day with SOT.

Optimise investment decisions

When contemplating a major capital investment, use SOT to determine the optimal timing of the investment and the optimised economic benefit that will ensue.  For example, SOT can systematically vary the timing of a plant upgrade at 6-month intervals, optimising the NPV for each scenario while aligning the timing of the corresponding expenditures and accounting for any increased plant capacity, improved recoveries, and modified blending constraints resulting from the upgrade.  Similarly, the mine planner can determine the best timing for other capital investments, including constructing a new ventilation raise, acquiring additional equipment, or transitioning from surface to underground mining.

Equipment acquisition and balancing

SOT allows you to determine the best fleet for your mining operation over all stages of the mine life. The mine planner can assess, in every combination, the quantity and capacity of each equipment type, with the potential to include periods of subcontracting, equipment acquisitions as production ramps up, or fleet reductions later in the mine life. The outcome is a thorough assessment of the optimal balanced fleet over the life of mine, together with an indication of the payback period and the NPV generated.


Manage bottlenecks

Using SOT, mine planners can look at the detailed schedule report to analyse the optimisation results. This can help determine whether the strategy must change or constraints need to be modified in order to achieve targets. SOT can export a schedule back to the original input format so that the planner may look at Gantt charts and 3D model animations to further understand what is constraining production. Once bottlenecks are adequately managed, planners can ensure that SOT optimisations achieve smooth production profiles.

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