SIMULATE is a platform used by OEMs globally to provide accurate, quantifiable, and productive equipment and service solutions for mining clients. Users of SIMULATE can showcase and articulate equipment value that is quantified and proven through simulated demonstrations.

OEMs can leverage customer data to build a ‘digital twin’ of any mining operation – open pit or underground – to deliver an accurate representation of any mine sites haulage operations, actively demonstrating the value their equipment and services can provide. SIMULATE uses the most widely used haulage calculation engine in the mining industry, ensuring that you and your customers are on the same page.


Discrete Event Simulation

Increase profitability through improved operations.

Electric, hydrogen and hybrid haulage

Model the benefits of haulage vehicle changes.

Deeper customer engagement

Optimise operational efficiency.

Deliver commercial agility

Find optimum results quickly with scenario analysis.

Fully customisable equipment library

Over 1,700 pieces of equipment to compare and contrast equipment from competing manufacturers.

Customised and branded reporting

Powerful reporting with over 400 inbuilt reports. Reports are branded to reflect your organisation and name.

User-driven interface

Intuitive, 3-D interface that is easy to use.


Make it your own with our white-label offering.

Multilingual support

Available in over 10 languages.

Showcase your brand

SIMULATE can be white labelled to showcase your brand, your equipment, and the advantage that you bring to the table.

Simulate Brochure 

Stand out from the crowd

When customers look to make a significant capital investment in equipment, productivity calculations and simple haulage calculations may not be enough. Showing the entire haulage system and how each asset will perform will ensure you stand out from the crowd and give you a unique competitive advantage. Discrete Event Simulation (DES) accounts for interaction across the haulage system, including between equipment and other infrastructure. With a calibrated DES model, every question about complex haulage system changes can be tested and quantified before purchasing equipment. Each simulation will result in an abundance of information to make an informed decision. Because the simulations analyse the whole system simultaneously, you and your customer will be confident and aware of the expectations.

Configurable equipment library

Your proprietary equipment library is under your control.  Equipment can be added before it is released so that you can start simulating and proving the advantage to your customers as soon as you need to. The extended equipment library includes fuel usage, retard and rimpull curves, and other parameters that affect equipment productivity. This extra level of detail ensures that your sales and engineering teams can quantify and demonstrate the benefits of your equipment over your competitors.

SIMULATE also gives you access to the most extensive publicly available equipment library that contains over 1,700 pieces of equipment letting you compare and contrast equipment from competing manufacturers.

Better relationships

SIMULATE lets you build better relationships with your prospects and vendors. Your application specialists can build performance data into the tool so that your sales team is armed with accurate information. SIMULATE helps to answer your customer’s questions:

«Will I have interaction problems with my current fleet and the new equipment?»

«Should I separate different trucks in my fleet to stop them bunching?»

«Should I make this one-lane haul road two lanes wide?»

«Should I tip directly into my trucks or tip to an ore pass?»

These are all questions that SIMULATE can answer and show graphically in a 3D model.

Your team will be set to better understand what sets your equipment apart and how it can support your customers to advance their operation.

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