IMAFS uses proprietary and cutting-edge AI algorithms to enhance inventory management as a robust inventory optimisation solution. AI performs a very complex analysis of many parameters to significantly improve forecasting accuracy.

With IMAFS, operations can continuously improve the accuracy of parts availability, reduce inventories, decrease stockouts and reduce equipment downtimes.


Inventory optimisation

Optimise the maintenance, repair and operational inventory to reduce costs and increase profitability.

Demand management & forecasting

Accurately plan and evaluate stock requirements while minimising excess stock.

Artificial intelligence

AI-driven forecasting significantly improves forecast accuracy for optimised inventory management.

Business intelligence dashboard

IMAFS’s BI dashboard enables end-users to quickly review and track inventory data.

Item classification

IMAFS’s unique item classification offers the flexibility to break down inventory by product/item, family and warehouse.

Seamless integration

Fast and reliable connectivity with any transactional system.

Forecasting demand

Managing demand and providing precise and accurate forecasts is essential for mining organisations. IMAFS enables you to accurately evaluate how much safety stock is required based on expected demand and precise forecasts. In addition to the traditional ways the software generates demand forecasts, IMAFS integrates AI at its core to further increase the accuracy of demand prediction. Based on field observations, IMAFS can improve the accuracy of its estimates by 20%, even for items with intermittent demand. IMAFS essentially gives users the ability to understand the future today so users can plan, order, stock, and deliver each inventory item while minimising excess supply and shortages.

Accurate lead time and forecasting

IMAFS is hosted service that allows inventory data to be analysed from a company’s ERP product or Computer Maintenance Management (CMMS) System. It gives the users full control of their inventory management settings, enhancing inventory forecasting accuracy by predicting the future demand that is factored into IMAFS’ advanced AI algorithms.

Improve inventory availability

A poor inventory optimisation process can prompt ordering inventory urgently due to reactive processes rather than predictive inventory processes. IMAFS is a sophisticated and proven software solution that enables operations to reduce inventories by up to 50% while concurrently reducing equipment downtime and optimising parts availability.

Advanced reporting and dashboards

IMAFS is designed to optimise inventory, improve parts availability, create savings, and generate additional profits with the power of AI. The IMAFS business intelligence dashboard helps managers get a quick summary of their stock. In addition, there are over 30 exception reports and the ability to create custom reports allowing inventory managers to organise their work, set their priorities, and get a quick overview of the situation.

Artificial intelligence

IMAFS harnesses the power of AI to further improve inventory management and increase profitability. AI performs a very complex analysis of a large number of parameters to provide more accurate forecasts and predictions. The AI-driven forecasting drives a culture of supply chain efficiency to create savings and improve profitability.

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