One secure, integrated, Software as a Service platform for all your environmental data needs. EnviroDataVault (EDV) is designed to be used throughout the mine lifecycle, with features for data collection, management, analysis and sharing.

Mining inherently involves constantly changing conditions and landscape, and EDV makes it easy to provide both internal and external stakeholders with data they can understand, when and where they need it.


Increase your business agility

Don’t worry about missing warning signs in your data. EDV provides key insights effectively with its intuitive, interface.

Zero learning curve

There is no need to learn new software. The software integrates directly with Microsoft Excel using its add-in platform.

Builds reports in minutes

By working with existing workflows, there is little need to redesign processes. Simply fetch the data from the SaaS platform and deliver.

Automated data import

EnviroDataVault automates the import and validation of data, making it easy to collaborate across environments.

SaaS Solution

Secure data storage, sharing and access, all contained in one Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

Data visibility

Improved data visibility throughout the entire operation for a holistic view of environmental performance.

Field workers can capture data using a mobile, transferring it instantly and securely to analysts and consultants. These users can then access the same suite of enhanced reporting tools, allowing them to make faster, more informed decisions. To inform sustainable strategies, as mining companies look to a low-carbon future, information from the site must be accurate and current, and EnviroDataVault provides a SaaS solution to provide this data to decision-makers.

Data security and Software as a Service

Mines deal with data from all areas of their operation, including field data, lab reports, sensors and more. This data typically ends up dumped into spreadsheets – which often become out-of-date, corrupt, inaccessible, or worst of all, lost forever. To manage this risk you need a platform you can trust. EnviroDataVault’s SaaS platform is protected by multi-tiered security measures and accredited procedures, ensuring your environmental data is always secure.

EnviroDataVault has an intuitive, self-service management portal, making it quick and easy to setup new users and databases, and share data with teams to collaborate on data. No matter how users choose to access EDV, you can be sure data is up-to-date and secure. It enables real-time communication between users, making it easy for teams to make decisions with the right information.


Collecting data in an effective and timely manner is crucial to a mine site’s ongoing environmental performance. EnviroDataVault allows real-time data collection directly from mobile devices with EDV Mobile. No more clipboard, pen and paper required – with the press of a button, field staff submit data to a secure SaaS platform, which is shared seamlessly across teams and dashboards as required. =

Transparency and data sharing

ESG continues to be a leading concern for the mining industry. The industry needs to have a better understanding of its environmental performance and provide greater transparency to highlight the positive work that is being done globally. EnviroDataVault provides a simple yet comprehensive platform to achieve this, with data sharing features designed to deliver data anywhere throughout an operation, including with external stakeholders. Our built-in API makes it seamless to integrate data with other systems.

Data democratisation is the concept that everyone should be able to both access and understand data, leading to improved decision-making at all levels of your organisation. By applying this to environmental data in the mining industry, EnviroDataVault allows you to be proactive at managing environmental performance from the field, all the way up to the board room.

Analysis tools

Having the data in order is one thing – its another thing to be able to make meaningful conclusions based on it. EnviroDataVault’s integrated dashboards and analysis tools make it easy to effectively monitor and identify change.

EDV Dashboards are great for getting a quick snapshot of your site performance. This web-based tool allows users to login and start viewing the data they have access to, with no configuration required. For performing more advanced analysis and building reports, EDV Sheets provides a suite of eight powerful analysis tools. Combined with our extensive documentation and support, you will be confident handling your data and making informed decisions with EDV.

Net Zero

The mining industry is shifting its focus to a low carbon future, and RPMGlobal is uniquely placed to provide both technological and advisory support. EnviroDataVault provides highly insightful data and reports to allow for proactive decision-making in this space.

Learn more about our Net Zero capabilities  

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