Effective management of mining assets is critical for long term success. Today’s mining industry demands better strategies and tools to overcome maintenance challenges.

AMT Asset Maintenance Software is the only maintenance solution that dynamically links to life-cycle costing and strategy. AMT provides accurate life-cycle positions and optimises maintenance strategies using Dynamic Life Cycle Costing (DLCC). DLCC constantly updates using actual events and real-time condition data to generate a forward-looking, life-cycle view of an asset.


Dynamic Life Cycle Costing (DLCC) engine

Providing powerful forecasting - in real time.

Live budgeting and forecasting

AMT keeps a live Zero-Based Budget to a component level including all planned and unplanned events.

Equipment modelling

Model potential asset selections and perform feasibility studies.

Long term planning

Review upcoming activities, forecast components and optimise the long-term plan before a work order is created.

Advanced work management

Short term planning and execution.

AMT mobile

Available offline, AMT mobile is a solution for managing work orders, defects, checklists and measurements.


Accurately benchmark assets across sites, company & the mining industry considering differences in operating environments, maintenance strategies & manufacturers.

Economic asset life optimisation

Forecast the future condition and value of assets down to the component level; a critical input when determining the optimal replacement points.

Multiple projection & scenario analysis

AMT holds multiple versions of an asset’s maintenance strategy to perform a “what-if” analysis without impacting the asset‘s current strategy. You can trial and test scenarios to evaluate the optimal maintenance strategy for each machine.

AMT is used to manage or track over 50% of the world's large mining equipment.

AMT is more than an asset management tool. It is designed exclusively for mining and is used by miners, OEMs, dealers and contractors all over the world. The ability to run scenarios in parallel with the live forecast makes AMT unique. It was built by maintenance people for maintenance people and gives you the ability to proactively advance your asset management practices.

The power of DLCC

DLCC is the heart of AMT – a powerful, live calculating engine that provides users with a real-time forecast of all maintenance events for equipment to the end of its useful life. The power of DLCC is that it calculates not just costs but utilisation, productivity and resource requirements (labour, components, parts and consumables) and dynamically sends data to every aspect of your maintenance operation for precise output. This functionality enables asset managers to easily identify potential issues and take action early, saving money and avoiding costly downtime. DLCC allows asset managers to understand the impact of their current decisions operationally for the remainder of the asset’s life.

DLCC facilitates and improves collaboration between maintenance and planning systems by linking to the mine plan. This powerful connection ensures maintenance costs are more than a year-on-year linear relationship.

Fundamentally better maintenance outcomes

Using DLCC, users can identify appropriate conditions and triggers to create maintenance events based on live data, enabling intervention before assets fail. This approach also saves costs, as maintenance activities are only performed when warranted.

Visibility and accountability

Real-time maintenance reporting is delivered by the configurable dashboard in AMT, displaying key metrics relevant to specific users. There are over 400 standards reports available, from daily role-specific KPI reports to complex statutory and compliance requirements.

Proactive Component Management

AMT measures component performance against the budget and allows users to analyse historical performance by failure mode, symptoms, cause of failure, and even the part number. AMT uses historical performance to predict the future for your components.

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