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AMT for OEMs is an integrated solution that provides a best-of-breed equipment management platform for internal processes and departments and end-customers to align and collaborate in real-time.

From contracts to components, from manufacture to operation, AMT for OEMs provides insights to support all stakeholders in the value-chain Quote and manage simple and complex parts, labour, fleet and rental contracts.


Dynamic Life Cycle Costing (DLCC) engine

Providing a real-time forecast of equipment current and future maintenance requirements.

Contract quoting and management

Forecast the future financial position, and optimise the maintenance strategy, to minimise risks and maximise opportunities

Greater visibility

Forecasting equipment maintenance requirements result in working capital reduction and optimised resources and financial budgets.

Improve communication

Break down siloes and provide much-needed context and consistent equipment life cycle information for all departments.

Equipment Health

Streamline the central collection and actioning of condition monitoring data through integration.

Component forecasting and sales

Automatically generate component sales opportunities when components are nearing their due point ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

AMT is used by the world's major Original Equipment Manufacturers

Increase parts, service and machine sales

AMT gives OEMs the ability to forecast equipment parts and service sales opportunities down to the component and part number level. The forecast also predicts the economic life of a piece of equipment, which is a lead for future new equipment sales. AMT’s forecast is sensitive to customer-specific pricing, condition monitoring, consumption, utilisation, and application, as well as operational variables.


AMT seamlessly connects equipment data from various OEM, Dealer and Customer systems in real-time to provide whole of life insights down to the component level. Insights can be visualised, dissected, and leveraged by multiple departments and stakeholders within the business and customers.

Contracts management

Regardless of the type of contract, quoting can be time-consuming and prone to human error. AMT for OEMs provides a tool to integrate, standardise and control contracting so you can have trust in the outcome and the process. Users have a comprehensive solution for quoting contracts, renewals and extensions for every contract type.

Advanced, comprehensive work management functionality is also provided by AMT with tight, real-time integration to Dealer and Customer systems to ensure efficient work management processes. AMT has over 400 reports, serving contract/branch managers, reliability engineers, planners, supervisors, technical services, inventory, finance and customers.

Component forecasting

Component forecasting is complicated. There are constantly changing inputs covering utilisation, estimated component life, repair strategies, downtime windows and condition monitoring, to name a few. AMT for OEMs combines this information into one system, making it easier to maintain. AMT for OEMs delivers one integrated solution to manage your component business.


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