MinePlanner (Steep Coal)

This course teaches participants how to take a disciplined approach to mine scheduling using RPM’s MinePlanner. The course teaches students the core functionality of the product through pre-configured workshops that are designed around real-life scenarios.

Course Content


Create a new workspace and navigate workspace explorer.

Reserving (Deposit)

Import geological block model and design solids, generate deposit scheduling reserves and validate the data.

Dump Design

Configure dump design solids, create scheduling dump blocks, analyse and review dump data.


Import the haulage strings, interpret and rationalise the data, analyse the network.

Scheduling (Introduction)

Import deposit & dump reserves, import the haulage network, configure the schedule, establish mining rules and objectives, execute the plan, and analyse the results.

Scheduling (Advanced)

Further refine the schedule using real-life scenarios and more advanced functionality.

Training Workshops

  • Help & Application Navigation
  • Create a New Workspace

  • Application & Training Model Setup
  • Help & Application Navigation
  • Project Configuration
  • Establish In Situ Block Model
  • Define Mining Materials & Activities
  • Block Model Validation
  • Establish Reported Fields
  • Scheduling Block Configuration
  • Analyse Scheduling Reserves

  • Project Configuration
  • Configure Dump Design Solids
  • Establish Material Zones
  • Establish Reported Fields
  • Create Scheduling Dump Blocks
  • Analyse and Review Dump Data

  • Application & Training Model Setup
  • Construct
  • Interpret
  • Rationalise
  • Analyse
  • Reconfigure Named Locations

  • Application & Training Model Setup
  • Help & Application Navigation
  • Configure Scheduling Reserves
  • Configure Haul Network
  • Configure Schedule
  • Establish Schedule Start Status
  • Establish Mining Rules
  • Set Optimised Fields
  • Execute Schedule
  • Analyse Schedule

  • Create Reporting Calendar
  • Update Start Surface
  • Constrain Schedule
  • Define Equipment Deployment Zone
  • Target Grade
  • Configure Product Optimiser
  • Add an External Source
  • Manually Schedule Resource
  • Haulage Requirements
  • Report Activities Blasting
  • Create Before Extraction Scheduled Activities
  • Define Equipment for Non-Extraction Resources
  • Configure Schedule for Non-Extraction Resources
  • Reporting on Non-Extractive Activities
  • Additional Scheduling Functionality

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to navigate around the solution, the various module interfaces and utilise workspaces.
  • Know how to access product help documentation.
  • Understand how data flows from the geological block model to the schedule.
  • Learn how to create a dump design and deposit reserves.
  • Learn how to create a haulage network.
  • Understand how to configure the schedule and create meaningful scenarios.
  • Learn how to create dashboards and reports for schedule analysis.

Who is the Course For?

  • Mine Scheduling / Planning Engineers
  • Mine Planning Managers / Superintendents
  • Senior Operations Personnel
  • System Administrators

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Four days

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