Combining RPMGlobal’s proprietary Product Optimiser with a game-inspired, 3-D interface, XECUTE enables planners to build a short-term schedule that’s easy to understand and communicate, providing a coherent link between medium-term planning and operational execution.

XECUTE is a multi-user solution that allows greater collaboration and planning efficiency than ever before. Enterprise data provides planners with the most up-to-date inputs and automatically pushes outputs downstream, closing the loop between planning and execution, ensuring compliance.


Maximise value of every shift

Automatically select optimal material destinations.

Compliance across planning horizons

Increase plan-to-plan compliance with schedule guidance between planning horizons.

User-centric design

Game inspired, 3-D, multi-user interface that is easy to use.

Deliver commercial agility

Continuous live planning and optimisation supports reactive scheduling.

Real-time integration

Integration with Fleet Management, Maintenance, and Enterprise systems.

One plan for all

Connect planning with operations for cross-team collaboration.

Increased production uptime

Integrate with maintenance systems to reduce scheduling conflicts and bottlenecks.

Increased productivity

The visual environment allows planners to find and resolve problems early.

Demand chain optimiser

Optimise production from the pit to the port.

Compliance planning

Operational planning focuses on rapid decision-making, which requires visibility of the current state of operations. XECUTE uses Enterprise data feeds from Fleet Management Systems and High Precision GPS to give real-time updates of the operation. This enables planners to update schedules, assess the current shift progress, and evaluate options for compliance at longer plan horizons.

XECUTE also takes guidance published from longer-term planning tools and makes it available to the user both spatially and non-spatially, providing the greatest opportunity to comply with the long-term plan. If you are looking for improved alignment between the short-term tactics and the long-term strategy, XECUTE is the answer.

Optimise from pit to port

A key module of XECUTE is Demand Chain Optimiser (DCO) that optimises the flow of material required to satisfy customer orders all the way back to the mine for bulk commodity miners. DCO removes many of the value chain challenges that can arise for bulk commodity miners with an integrated supply chain, such as coal or iron ore operations.

Continuous live plan

An operational mine site is continuously changing. With XECUTE, mine planners are able to use the most accurate and timely information coming from a single source so planners can make decisions with the most accurate information.


Multi-user solution

XECUTE is a true multi-user solution allowing multiple departments and people to use the same model and plan simultaneously. Drill planners in remote operations centres can work on the same model at the same time as the production planner on-site and immediately see the changes as they are made.

Schedule guidance

Longer-term plan outputs can be automatically imported into XECUTE, providing spatial and numerical schedule guidance to the short term planner. Guidance data can be integrated to provide planning context, giving planning teams an unprecedented ability to collaborate and improve plan-to plan compliance.


Adaptive Gantt chart

XECUTE’s interface combines a graphical scene with a Gantt style schedule view. Users manipulate and alter the plan and immediately see the effects on the schedule in the Gantt chart. Navigating and understanding the schedule has never been easier.

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