AMT Mobile is an easy-to-use, mobile asset management software solution that builds on the key strengths of the industry standard AMT. It is an auditable solution for technicians and field workers that extends your ERP, EAM or CMMS. It improves compliance and auditability across the organisation by utilising structured data collection, accuracy of capture, real time entry and reporting and storage for compliance purposes. An asset management system in the palm of your hand, AMT Mobile also works offline, meaning all information is captured always.

  • Rid your organisation of disorganised paper checklists
  • Ensure the latest procedure is being used to perform the activity
  • Remove human errors including incomplete, incorrect or unreadable information
  • Ensure safety and PPE is at the forefront of a field worker’s mind



Customisable forms, notifications, checklists & inspections.

Offline Mode

Available offline reducing the need for blanket Wi-Fi coverage.


Get rid of paper and digitise forms and processes.

Real-time Integration

Integration with Fleet Management, Maintenance, and Enterprise systems.

Empower People

Intuitive, easy to use and learn.


Structured data, reporting and storage.


AMT is used to manage or track over 50% of the world’s large mining equipment.





AMT Mobile is a leading and fully auditable mobile asset management solution that increases productivity and ensures compliance and safety are always considered. It is an easy to use mobile app for technicians and field workers.

Users choose to work with an asset centric focus (Asset View) to complete activities; or alternatively, a prioritised, allocated work activity view (Work View). Both views operate seamlessly together so users can easily navigate from their starting activity to any of the linked areas. AMT Mobile also supports an Operator Round process for Fixed Plant operations.


Checklists in AMT Mobile drive the digitisation process of your operation. Checklist templates provide flexibility to format the mobile device form as well as the digital content collected. From simple yes/no questions to checklists with one or multiple items, to a measurement or usage question that allows configuration to display the history of the last several readings.

RPMGlobal’s asset management app introduces several different checklist types to support different business requirements. Safety, inspection, notification, work and operator round templates are all business outcomes supported by AMT Mobile. No programming or technical knowledge is required to create a checklist.  It is a tool for the functional user who understands the process or task to be delivered.

It is rare that over time a process or form will never change. Managing this process with paper forms is problematic as often out-of-date paper forms are used. With AMT Mobile, any new checklist versions, once approved, are automatically sent to the mobile devices and presented to the technician the next time it is required. The previous version is no longer available on the mobile device (but is kept in an archived state for audit purposes).


AMT Mobile lets you manage notifications to raise a potential issue or observation about an asset either directly while performing work or undertaking an inspection. Notifications are received and reviewed by supervisors or planners for next steps to be actioned.

Notifications are customisable to create specific notification processes that are easy to learn, flexible and don’t require any technical or programming skills. You can create and manage a notification to cover inspections, safety, work, or operator round and include items such as priority, breakdown, what may have caused the issue and what damage has already occurred. Photographs can be added as supporting evidence.

Technicians can easily raise a new notification as part of their daily work or complete a predefined notification. Users are provided a short number of questions that capture the relevant information to support the ERP notification process such items as priority, breakdown and what issues have been observed all coupled with the ability to add photographs and documents.


AMT Mobile improves, automates and digitises your inspection processes and replaces paper-based systems and manual post-activity data entry. Many of the workforce’s daily functions can be digitised providing instantaneous data as well as auditability for statutory compliance.

Inspections for each asset are completed on a mobile device with the required information entered immediately and available for the entire organisation. It is stored for in a consistent manner for reporting compliance. Instructions and illustrations can be attached to each inspection ensuring quality and consistency of process and approach across your organisation.

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